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AARP Life Reimagined
90 min.

Life Reimagined is to help individuals discover their true purpose. The Checkup may help individuals discover confidence to make their next step the right step. The Checkup was designed to inspire and energize attendees as they begin to turn their possibilities into realities.

Acoustic Ninja
USA 2016 8 min.

Trace Bundy, known to his fans as the Acoustic Ninja, has never been interested in the fame and glamour offered by the mainstream music industry. Yet the self-represented Louisville, Colorado, resident has managed to acquire international acclaim and tour frequently.

Actors of Sound
USA 2016 100 min.

In an era of rampant digitization, Foley is the increasingly unsung craft of post-production sound-effects creation. This fascinating documentary follows its leading artists to show you how they “paint pictures with sound,” enhancing critical cinematic moments.

Add Contact
Spain 2016 3 min.

As he does every weekend, Jamie returns home after a party, but this time it will take a little longer to get there.

After the Storm
Japan 2016 117 min.

Ryota—once a prize-winning novelist, now a compulsive gambler—is about to be cut out of his son’s life by his ex-wife. But when a typhoon traps his family together for a night, this gently bittersweet drama shows that he just may have a chance at redemption.

Alexandre Chatelard - Lenny Kravitz
France 2016 3 min.

Dirty old men revel on the beach with what they think are beautiful, topless women.

All The Presidents' Heads
USA 2016 9 min.

Howard Hankins is a builder and an entrepreneur. And he has 42 giant busts of the presidents of the United States decaying on his Virginia farm.

Switzerland 2016 91 min.

In this Charlie Kaufman-esque drama, Swiss detective Aloys Adorns isolates himself, obsessively watching videos he makes of the people he tails. When his camera is stolen and a stranger named Vera blackmails him over the footage, the two enter into a game in which imagination and reality blur.

Always Shine
USA 2016 87 min.

ENDS THURSDAY 12/8/2016.

American Epic: Out of the Many One
USA 2016 87 min.

The myriad threads of our musical tapestry—from a Hopi snake dance to a Tejana tango to a Cajun anthem—are displayed in part two of a documentary series on the American songbook produced by T Bone Burnett, Robert Redford and Jack White.

American Epic: The Big Bang
USA 2016 110 min.

Part one of a trilogy produced by T Bone Burnett, Robert Redford and Jack White, this stirring documentary brings the stories of long-forgotten folk singers from Appalachia and the Deep South—from bygone coal mines, cotton fields and gospel choirs—back to life.

American Epic: The Sessions
USA 2016 117 min.

Some of today’s greatest musicians come together to record on a historic, one-of-a-kind piece of equipment from the 1920s in this joyful celebration of America’s musical heritage, the final segment of a trilogy produced by T Bone Burnett, Robert Redford and Jack White.

Andy Shauf - The Worst In You
Canada 2016 3 min.

Collage art and found footage create a nostalgic yet avant-garde look at Americana.

USA 2016 21 min.

A Korean Marilyn Monroe wanders the City of Angels and confronts her past.

Another Evil
USA 2016 90 min.

When Dan and Mary discover their vacation home is haunted, Dan hires an exorcist. But after a week of booze-fueled ghost hunting with his increasingly unhinged spirit whisperer, Dan discovers that ridding his house of evil won’t be as easy as he had hoped in this darkly comic horror flick.

Singapore 2016 115 min.

Aiman is a diligent corrections officer at a maximum-security prison in Singapore, where Rahim, the resident executioner, needs an heir to his thankless job. Aiman, who in turn needs a father figure, proves a determined pupil—but this psychological drama takes a turn when Aiman's history is revealed

The Art of Flying
Netherlands 2015 7 min.

Bird murmuration creates unfiltered art through the ebb and flow of natural patterns.

Art vs. the Artist
90 min.

Earlier this year, filmmaker Nate Parker became bigger news than Birth of a Nation, his own widely acclaimed feature debut, when it was revealed he had been acquitted of a rape charge in college. Parker is only the latest in a string of artists whose lives have overshadowed their oeuvres.

Iran 2016 87 min.

Fragmented flashbacks and static long takes are used to powerful effect in acclaimed Iranian director Pourya Azarbayjani’s cathartic drama, based on a true story, of a former soldier in the Iran-Iraq War; haunted by his past, he attempts to recover the body of a friend lost in battle.

As Is Was
USA 1995 3 min.

Part of An Evening with Saul Levine, this highlight from Mr. Levine's filmography exemplifies his use of celluloid to create personal cinema, which heavily influenced the avant-garde movement of the 20th century.

The Avalanches - Subways
France 2016 4 min.

An animated throwback to the 1970s amid the crazy hustle and bustle of the New York City subways.

Baden Baden
Belgium 2016 96 min.

When wandering 20-something Ana returns to her hometown of Strasbourg to find her grandmother ill, she settles down to try to help around the house while rekindling old flames—and lighting new ones. A dreamy portrait of a young woman gaining the courage to navigate adulthood.

BANG! The Bert Berns Story
USA 2016 95 min.

The owner of Bang! Records, Bert Berns produced some of the 1960s’ greatest hits, including “Piece of My Heart” and “Hang on Sloopy,” and launched the careers of Van Morrison and Neil Diamond. He also did business with the mob. This entertaining documentary chronicles his uncommon life.

Beat Around the Bush
Canada 2016 12 min.

A 75-year-old widow with Alzheimer's decides it's time to have her very first orgasm ever.

Best and Most Beautiful Things
USA 2016 90 min.

Michelle, a bright, young, legally blind woman with Asperger’s, prepares to confront “the good, the bad and the ugly” of independent living in this empowering documentary celebration of outcasts who seek to confront the “uncensored world” and discover communities that might sustain them.

Big City
Australia 2015 9 min.

A lonely Indian taxi driver is befriended by an enigmatic passenger who tries to coax him out of his shell.

USA 2016 9 min.

A family of Ponderai Native American hunters embarks on a controversial journey from northern Montana to Yellowstone to take part in the federal culling of 900 wild bison.

The Black Belt
USA 2016 11 min.

In 2015, the state of Alabama closed 31 DMVs across the state. Many of these closures occurred in the Black Belt, a predominantly African-American region, directly impacting voter enfranchisement in a state that requires photo IDs at the polls.

Black Head Cow
Tanzania 2016 12 min.

In a remote Maasai village in rural Tanzania, a young schoolgirl is suddenly confronted by an arranged marriage.

Poland 2016 114 min.

In this drama of the psyche that’s based on real-life events, a Polish official seeks the Church’s understanding regarding her acts of torture during Stalin’s war on religion. While waiting for an audience with the cardinal, she has encounters that force her to confront her own desire to be healed.

Bold Producing
90 min.

The role of the independent film producer is to champion the vision of the artist and oversee the varied intricacies of bringing that vision to life. From managing the financing and sales of a film to supporting the casting and production, a successful film cannot be made without a savvy producer.

Boris Without Beatrice
Canada 2016 93 min.

In this modern morality tale from Canadian director Denis Côté, one-percenter Boris Malinovsky can’t fathom why his wife left her government post and retreated into silence—until an oracular stranger arrives, spouting Greek myth and forcing him to examine his own role in her despair.

Denmark 2016 74 min.

Join the Nordic Food Lab’s intrepid chef Ben Reade and researcher Josh Evans on a globe-trotting adventure into the wild world of edible insects. This intelligent, thought-provoking documentary will challenge the way you think about food, natural resources and our future on this planet.

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