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Best and Most Beautiful Things
USA 2016 90 min.

Michelle, a bright, young, legally blind woman with Asperger’s, prepares to confront “the good, the bad and the ugly” of independent living in this empowering documentary celebration of outcasts who seek to confront the “uncensored world” and discover communities that might sustain them.

Boris Without Beatrice
Canada 2016 93 min.

In this modern morality tale from Canadian director Denis Côté, one-percenter Boris Malinovsky can’t fathom why his wife left her government post and retreated into silence—until an oracular stranger arrives, spouting Greek myth and forcing him to examine his own role in her despair.

Deer Flower
South Korea 2015 8 min.

In the summer of 1992, Dujung, an elementary student, goes to a farm in the suburbs with his parents. A bizarre series of events unfolds.

Free In Deed
USA 2016 100 min.

Melva takes her autistic son Benny to a Pentecostal church in Memphis, seeking an alternative to the rote care his doctors have offered. But when faith healing also fails him, Melva faces a spiritual crisis. This intense, stirring drama from Jake Mahaffy is based on a true story.

Lupe Under the Sun
Mexico 2016 78 min.

Set in California’s sun-drenched Central Valley and inspired by the story of writer-director Rodrigo Reyes’s own grandfather, this poetic yet realistic portrait of a Mexican farmworker whose life is falling apart sheds a timely light on the lonely struggles of immigrants caught between two worlds.

The Nine
USA 2016 98 min.

In her first documentary, photographer Katy Grannan reveals a ravaged America through her portraits of sex worker Kiki and her damaged companions, who live in the modern-day purgatory of Modesto. Grannan’s luminous visuals highlight this microcosmic study of human aspiration and resilience.

Reengineering Sam
USA 2016 82 min.

Sam Schmidt always wanted to go bigger and faster. His love of Indy car racing left him a quadriplegic, but he never pumped the brakes on his passion for life—and now he’s intent on gaining mobility through technology in this uplifting documentary produced by longtime festival guest Daniel Junge.

Lebanon 2016 21 min.

Under the imminent threat of Lebanon's garbage crisis, Hala, a wild child inside of a woman, is the only one to refuse evacuation, clinging to whatever remains of home.

Russia 2016 83 min.

Natasha, a middle-aged zoo employee bullied by her co-workers, suddenly finds she’s growing a tail. With her new appendage, she meets Pytor, a young radiologist who takes a special interest in her. Will she finally get the exciting life she desires in this fabulistic dramedy?

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