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Singapore 2016 115 min.

Aiman is a diligent corrections officer at a maximum-security prison in Singapore, where Rahim, the resident executioner, needs an heir to his thankless job. Aiman, who in turn needs a father figure, proves a determined pupil—but this psychological drama takes a turn when Aiman's history is revealed

Germany 2016 101 min.

When Fabian moves to Portugal to patch things up with ex-girlfriend Doro, his jealousy—coupled with crippling anxiety and a fixation on the aftermath of Lisbon’s 1755 earthquake—reaches dangerous proportions in this tense drama.

Free In Deed
USA 2016 100 min.

Melva takes her autistic son Benny to a Pentecostal church in Memphis, seeking an alternative to the rote care his doctors have offered. But when faith healing also fails him, Melva faces a spiritual crisis. This intense, stirring drama from Jake Mahaffy is based on a true story.

The Last Family
Poland 2016 124 min.

Exquisitely shot in two Soviet bloc–style apartment buildings and shot through with flashes of wicked humor, this unsettling biopic explores the art of Polish surrealist Zdzislaw Beksinski as well as his relationship with his anxiety-ridden son. The script was based on the painter’s own recordings.

Mr. Madila
United Kingdom 2015 9 min.

Through the sacred art of animation, the filmmaker has a series of conversations exploring the inner mind, the fabric of the universe and the nature of reality itself with Mr. Madila, a gifted spiritual healer.

The Nine
USA 2016 98 min.

In her first documentary, photographer Katy Grannan reveals a ravaged America through her portraits of sex worker Kiki and her damaged companions, who live in the modern-day purgatory of Modesto. Grannan’s luminous visuals highlight this microcosmic study of human aspiration and resilience.

Off the Rails
USA 2016 87 min.

Darius McCollum has spent 23 years in maximum-security prison for hijacking hundreds of trains and buses—all to feed his obsession with driving them. This fascinating documentary places the story of McCollum, who has Asperger’s, within the framework of our broken justice system.

Old Stone
China 2016 80 min.

In Johnny Ma’s noir-ish debut feature, taxi driver Lao Shi runs into a motorcyclist, then saves his victim’s life by paying for his admittance to the hospital. The callous response to his compassionate act, even from those closest to him, forces him to consider dire solutions to his growing troubles

The Search for Emak Bakia
Spain 2012 84 min.

This endlessly enchanting experimental doc seeks an answer to the origins of Man Ray’s mysterious 1926 Basque-language film. Oskar Alegria’s fascinating investigation uncovers an incidentally connected cast of real-world Romanian princesses and immortal clowns.

USA 2016 80 min.

For this insightful portrait of life in solitary confinement, documentarian Kristi Jacobson filmed prisoners, corrections officers and psychiatrists at a Virginia supermax over the course of one year. Tight camera angles and high-contrast photography emphasize the inmates’ despair and anger.

Greece 2016 104 min.

Kostis, a middle-aged doctor, takes a job on a resort island, where he meets the young, flirty Anna, part of a group of young hedonists. The more she includes him in their fun, the more his grip on selfhood begins to loosen in this Greek portrait of a midlife crisis.

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