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Add Contact
Spain 2016 3 min.

As he does every weekend, Jamie returns home after a party, but this time it will take a little longer to get there.

The Chop
United Kingdom 2015 17 min.

Yossi, a charismatic kosher butcher, loses his job. When he cannot find work at other kosher establishments, he decides to pretend to be Muslim in order to get work at a halal butcher shop.

Cloudy All Day
USA 2016 10 min.

Two struggling performers have a life-changing experience after they accept help from a stranger.

Death By Death
France 2016 90 min.

Michel is surrounded by neurotic women: his insecure girlfriend and his mother, who is dying and requires his care. Fraught with anxiety, he begins to believe he himself is dying—and his life begins to crumble around him in this absurdist black-and-white dramedy.

The Eccentrics. On the Sunny Side of the Street
Poland 2015 112 min.

Fabian returns to post-WWII Poland from England with a mission: to bring swing music to the Eastern bloc. He forms a band of eccentrics helmed by Modesta, who becomes his lover. They experience wild success—until Modesta disappears and the regime forces them underground in this charming dramedy.

The Fairy
France 2011 94 min.

Featuring slapstick and sparse dialogue, this engaging frolic stylistically resembles the greats of the silent-film era. Dom, a hotel night clerk, finds himself granted three wishes by newly arrived guest Fiona, a self-proclaimed fairy. He asks for a scooter and enough petrol for life—but then what?

Happy F-ing Valentine's Day!
USA 2016 14 min.

Everyone’s least favorite holiday provides the backdrop for this comedy short, which asks the question: how can an attempt to do something so good turn out so f-ing wrong?

USA 2016 6 min.

Host Zachny Filltoms-Onalo shows you how to set up a turntable.

Jewish Blind Date
Switzerland 2015 16 min.

Unhappy in love, Mary Lou decides to reconnect with her religious roots by marrying a practicing Jew. In order to get married, she has to pass the Shidduch test, which will determine whether her life will be a success or failure.

Kiki, Love to Love
Spain 2016 102 min.

Telling the stories of five couples as they explore their sexual desires and hangups, this erotic comedy has the air of early Almodóvar. Director Paco León has created a runaway Spanish hit by examining what it means to be “normal” in society’s eyes.

USA 2016 19 min.

In the aftermath of an inexplicable incident, a man decides to sequester himself inside his apartment, setting the stage for a profound transformation.

USA 2016 11 min.

In 1960, two friends stumble into a diner full of code talkers. Can they figure out how to speak the language?

One Week and a Day X
Israel 2016 98 min.

Over the course of a day, Eyal ditches work, steals cannabis from a hospice and otherwise seeks solace while his wife Vicky struggles to return to normal in this poignant comedy about a grieving couple emerging from the Jewish period of mourning for their deceased son.

Rat Nest
USA 2016 10 min.

After leaving her lonely childhood behind, Charlie moves into her own apartment with her pet rat and stumbles upon a cast of quirky characters who become the unlikely members of her own rat’s nest.

Belgium 2008 77 min.

Amnesia, amputation and attempted suicide become the stuff of laughter throughout this nearly unclassifiable, dark pop-art comedy—in which a ballroom-dancing couple finds their lives turned almost literally upside down after a terrible car accident.

Tommy and David
Italy 2015 5 min.

Tommy sells “penis shorts” modeled after Michelangelo's David in order to pay tribute to his favorite work of art. More than ten thousand people have purchased them.

Toni Erdmann
Germany 2016 162 min.

Ines, an uptight German working for an international consulting firm in Bucharest, is paid an unexpected visit by her estranged father, who uses pranks in an attempt to get closer to her—with hilariously uncomfortable results. The two must finally reconcile their differences in this dramatic comedy,

Winner Gagnant
Canada 2016 13 min.

Everyone wants to be a winner.

Young Frankenstein
USA 1974 106 min.

In Mel Brooks’s laugh-a-minute spoof of Mary Shelley's Gothic classic—starring the comedy dream team of Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn and Marty Feldman—Dr. Frederick Frankenstein has spent his life living down the legend of his grandfather.

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