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Spain 2016 3 min.

As he does every weekend, Jamie returns home after a party, but this time it will take a little longer to get there.

Switzerland 2016 91 min.

In this Charlie Kaufman-esque drama, Swiss detective Aloys Adorns isolates himself, obsessively watching videos he makes of the people he tails. When his camera is stolen and a stranger named Vera blackmails him over the footage, the two enter into a game in which imagination and reality blur.

The Fairy
France 2011 94 min.

Featuring slapstick and sparse dialogue, this engaging frolic stylistically resembles the greats of the silent-film era. Dom, a hotel night clerk, finds himself granted three wishes by newly arrived guest Fiona, a self-proclaimed fairy. He asks for a scooter and enough petrol for life—but then what?

United Kingdom 2016 12 min.

An enchanting tale about a lonely young man named Hugo, who was born with uniquely long fingers.

USA 2016 19 min.

In the aftermath of an inexplicable incident, a man decides to sequester himself inside his apartment, setting the stage for a profound transformation.

Lily Lane
Hungary 2016 91 min.

Featuring creepy, often stunning camerawork and startling sound effects, this unsettling Hungarian drama meanders—much like a fairy tale—through a darkling world, as unstable, childlike Rebeka takes her young son Dani on journeys around Budapest telling stories.

A Song for the Living
USA 2016 77 min.

In a secluded mountain town, a young train engineer who has just lost his mother to suicide falls for a mysterious mortician. What starts as magnetic attraction becomes something much darker in this poetic tale of heartbreak and betrayal, beautifully shot in and around Central City, Colorado.

Russia 2016 83 min.

Natasha, a middle-aged zoo employee bullied by her co-workers, suddenly finds she’s growing a tail. With her new appendage, she meets Pytor, a young radiologist who takes a special interest in her. Will she finally get the exciting life she desires in this fabulistic dramedy?

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