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Spain 2016 3 min.

As he does every weekend, Jamie returns home after a party, but this time it will take a little longer to get there.

Dead Slow Ahead
Spain 2015 76 min.

Meditative and visually stunning, this experimental debut by Mauro Herce defies labels as it blurs the lines between documentary and sci-fi. Shot on a cargo ship with a two-person crew, it examines the life of machines, asking us to ponder the power dynamic between humans and their technology.

Spain 2016 11 min.

The world is a wonderful stage, but the casting is deplorable.

Food and Shelter
Spain 2015 90 min.

This sobering, coolly depicted glimpse of life on the edge earned Juan Miguel del Castillo a nomination for Best New Director at Spain’s prestigious Goya Awards; the prize for Best Actress went to Natalia de Molina for her pitch-perfect portrayal of a single mother trapped in poverty.

Kiki, Love to Love
Spain 2016 102 min.

Telling the stories of five couples as they explore their sexual desires and hangups, this erotic comedy has the air of early Almodóvar. Director Paco León has created a runaway Spanish hit by examining what it means to be “normal” in society’s eyes.

The Olive Tree
Spain 2016 100 min.

The complicated relationships among three generations of a family take center stage in this subtle, affecting drama from Spain. Alma believes that the decision her father and uncle made to sell an heirloom olive tree destroyed her grandfather’s spirit—so she sets out to bring the tree home.

The Search for Emak Bakia
Spain 2012 84 min.

This endlessly enchanting experimental doc seeks an answer to the origins of Man Ray’s mysterious 1926 Basque-language film. Oskar Alegria’s fascinating investigation uncovers an incidentally connected cast of real-world Romanian princesses and immortal clowns.

The Shepherd
Spain 2016 105 min.

In this timely story of one man’s struggle to preserve his traditions in a rapidly changing world, Anslemo’s quiet life on the Spanish plains is turned upside down when he’s confronted by developers who will go to any lengths to take over his land.

Spain 2016 15 min.

Luna and Diego are parking-lot security guards. Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day.

The Tip of the Iceberg
Spain 2016 95 min.

Maribel Verdu (Y Tu Mamá También) leads a fine ensemble cast in David Canovas’s stylish tale of intrigue about a corporate executive sent to investigate employee suicides at a high-functioning but stress-filled company branch.

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