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The County
Iceland 2019 92 min.

Meet Inga, a middle-aged dairy farmer who’s channeling her grief over the death of her husband into a fight against both institutional corruption and the patriarchy behind it in this high-spirited drama from Iceland.

Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway
Spain 2019 83 min.

Spanish director Miguel Llansó proves that a pastiche of retro B-movie genres can, in the right hands, result in arthouse transcendence. This gonzo sci-fi spy flick has it all: romance, danger, political intrigue, scientific experiments, time travel, kung fu, holograms, and delicious pizza.

Knives and Skin
USA 2019 111 min.

While earning numerous comparisons to Twin Peaks and Heathers, this equally creepy and charming soap opera set in a suburban high school is an oddball delight in its own right—complete with jocks, cheerleaders, misfits, wayward moms, corpses, clowns, and of course an ’80s soundtrack.

Italy 2018 90 min.

It’s the day before Mauro’s funeral, yet his widow can't shed a tear, his son is preparing for TV interviews in hopes of impressing his crush at the memorial, and his father and brother are at blows in this Italian hybrid of dark comedy and affecting family drama.

USA 2019 73 min.

This comedic homage to kids who documented their childhoods with camcorders charms with anthology-style snippets of young Ralph’s family life, news bytes, infomercials, and forbidden Skinemax movies. It’s a pitch-perfect pastiche of ’80-era VHS tapes that have been repeatedly recorded over.

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