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American Dharma
USA 2018 95 min.

The inimitable Errol Morris sits down with self-described “apocalyptic nationalist” and political strategist Steve Bannon in a documentary that will be irresistible to political junkies and blood-boiling to anyone who has deliberately avoided the news over the past few years.

Best Before Death
USA 2019 89 min.

Scottish artist and musician Bill Drummond is on a 12-year world tour—but instead of performing in any traditional sense, he’s baking cakes and shining shoes in a documentary so quirky it almost reads as parody.

Germany 2019 93 min.

This stunning documentary about visionary modern-dance choreographer Merce Cunningham bursts onto the screen in glorious 3D. Moscow-born director Alla Kovgan traces three decades of Cunningham’s genius through archival footage and the recreation of some of his most memorable works.

Forman vs. Forman
Czech Republic 2019 77 min.

This cleverly edited documentary uses archival footage to paint a portrait of charismatic and renowned director Milo Forman as war orphan and outsider, contrarian young artist in 1960s Prague, and immigrant with an anti-establishment bent who became one of America’s great filmmakers.

Honey Boy
USA 2019 93 min.

This highly personal and cathartic drama based on writer and co-star Shia LaBeouf’s own experiences as a child actor follows young Otis Lort as he attempts to mend his contentious relationship with an abusive, alcoholic father over the course of a decade.

The Keeper
United Kingdom 2018 120 min.

Bert Trautmann was a Manchester City goalkeeper who became a hero first for winning the 1956 FA Cup finals with a broken neck and later for good works that earned him an Order of the British Empire. Before that, though, he was a German POW in love with an English girl. This is his astonishing story.

USA 2018 75 min.

In 2011, Stephen McCoy set out to make a documentary about Boston’s homeless, dubbing the outcasts and addicts whose lives he captured with his camcorder “nightcrawlers.” Little did the budding filmmaker know that, a few years later, he’d be one of them. This is his video diary.

Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy
USA 2019 82 min.

How does a feisty British woman become “a prophet for Mexican food?” Intensive research, thousands of travel miles, and a passion for down-to-earth regional cuisine earned 94-year-old Diana Kennedy the title. The author of eight cookbooks is profiled in this mouthwatering documentary.

Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project
USA 2019 87 min.

For more than 30 years, 24/7, eccentric activist Marion Stokes obsessively recorded American television news programs, preserving the truth even as networks secretly dropped their archives into the trashcan of history. This fascinating time capsule of a documentary explores her priceless legacy.

Stalag Luft III - One Man's Story
USA 2018 105 min.

Calling this documentary “a love letter from a niece who wants future generations to know how much we owe the Greatest Generation,” Tom Brokaw sums up the efforts of filmmaker Louise Woehrle to share her uncle Charles’s story of heroism at the German POW camp that inspired The Great Escape.

The Twentieth Century
Canada 2019 90 min.

Monty Python meets The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in the art direction of this off-the-wall parody of a biopic about Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, who more than lives up to the Queen’s proclamation: “Canadians, in happy days as in sad, disappointed shall you be.”

Varda by Agnès
France 2019 115 min.

The late great Nouvelle Vague pioneer Agnès Varda was an institution of French cinema but a fierce opponent of any kind of institutional thinking. This documentary invites you to join her on a retrospective journey through her unconventional oeuvre. It’s an honor.

Spain 2019 122 min.

A man goes to his grandparents’ cabin in an attempt to revisit his childhood. That’s the plot—but Spanish director Oskar Alegria’s subtle, impressionistic follow-up to The Search for Emak Bakia (DFF39) explores much more than the unnamed narrator’s desire to exist outside of his own time.

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