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Best Of Supernova
60 min.

Prepare to be electrified at the Festival Annex by this screening of award-winning animations and special selections from the 2019 Supernova Digital Animation Festival, the only forum dedicated exclusively to the radical convergence of technology and art. Learn more at

I Lost My Body
France 2019 81 min.

“Once you’ve cheated fate, what’s next?” Naoufel, an orphaned Moroccan boy, asks in this beguiling and thought-provoking animated adventure about a severed hand on a quest to find its former body, which won the top prize in the Critics’ Week section at Cannes this year.

China 2018 95 min.

In this visually dazzling, fabulistic work of stop-motion animation from China, a high-heeled mother shoe survives in a fascistic dystopia by disguising herself as a male shoe in order to care for her young daughter (also, you guessed it, a shoe).

Supernova: Local’s Cut
60 min.

Tap into the deep vein of local talent with this screening of selected works from the 2019 Supernova Digital Animation Festival, which shows that Coloradans are at the forefront of an international movement to merge technology and art. Learn more at

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