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Canada 2018 129 min.

Loss of innocence is at the heart of this spare yet wrenching coming-of-age drama from Québécois filmmaker Philippe Lesage about four teenagers discovering who they are through the exploration of who, and how, they love.

House of Hummingbird
South Korea 2018 138 min.

A lonely teenaged girl desperately seeks from the outside world the compassion and companionship she doesn’t get at home. Though set in a rapidly modernizing Seoul circa 1994, this perceptive and earnest coming-of-age tale couldn’t be more timeless or universal.

Knives and Skin
USA 2019 111 min.

While earning numerous comparisons to Twin Peaks and Heathers, this equally creepy and charming soap opera set in a suburban high school is an oddball delight in its own right—complete with jocks, cheerleaders, misfits, wayward moms, corpses, clowns, and of course an ’80s soundtrack.

USA 2019 110 min.

In Pahokee, a small agricultural town in the Florida Everglades, many young people share one overriding goal: to get out. This nuanced, engaging documentary follows four high-school seniors as they face the challenges that await us all on the cusp of adulthood.

The River
Kazakhstan 2018 108 min.

In this now-dreamy, now-startlingly strange coming-of-age fable from Kazakhstan, five young brothers live the most austere of lives, toiling away on the family’s desolate homestead—which begins to look, in hindsight, like a sort of paradise after their slick cousin Kanat comes to visit.

Scheme Birds
United Kingdom 2018 90 min.

Growing up on the hardscrabble outskirts of Glasgow, teenaged Gemma has already seen enough trouble to last a lifetime. But there’s so much more to come in this startling, clear-eyed but compassionate documentary, which does its subject the justice she deserves by daring to show her just as she is.

Stars by the Pound
France 2018 88 min.

Lonely Lois is just 16, but her dream of becoming an astronaut has already been stymied due to her weight: over 200 pounds. When her despair lands her in a hospital ward with three equally damaged girls, she finds her tribe for the first time in this slyly poignant coming-of-age drama from France.

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