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3 Days 2 Nights
USA 2019 80 min.

The defining moment of one’s life shouldn’t be swept under the rug—but for two brothers who survived a 1974 plane crash that killed their family near Aspen, Colorado, it was. After 40 years of silence, the pair embarks on a road trip to retrace their flight in this somber documentary.

Man Camp
USA 2019 94 min.

Brothers Adam, Tim, and Kevin are preparing for their annual Man Camp—a weekend dedicated to setting things on fire and getting trashed in honor of their dear dead dad. But when they walk in on their mom canoodling with her hapless fiancé Alan, it’s every man for himself in this slapstick comedy.

The Right to Rest
USA 2018 103 min.

This locally produced documentary takes a look at Denver’s burgeoning homeless population in the context of a likewise-growing homeless-rights movement. How do governmental policies designed to turn Denver into a “world-class city” impact its most vulnerable citizens?

A Towering Task
USA 2019 105 min.

Since 1961, more than 200,000 young Americans have served their country by joining the Peace Corps. This documentary chronicles the volunteer organization’s remarkable history while asking, at a time of sociopolitical uncertainty: What role should the Peace Corps play in our world?

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