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The Best of Dorien B.
Belgium 2019 106 min.

Belgian co-writer/director Anke Blondé makes an impressive feature debut with this dramatic comedy, all the more affecting for being unsentimental, about a woman on the edge of losing everything—and finding herself in the process.

Frances Ferguson
USA 2019 74 min.

Longtime fest guest Bob Byington is back with this hilariously cynical, occasionally hopeful comedy about a substitute high-school teacher who finds herself briefly incarcerated after a fling with a student. Turns out the worst thing that ever happens to you can also be the best thing.

Happy New Year
Hungary 2018 102 min.

In this Carveresque Hungarian dramedy, a group of lifelong friends comes together on New Year’s Eve for a dinner celebration. When they decide to play a little game involving the messages they receive on their cell phones, secrets emerge to suggest their future will not be happy for long.

It Must Be Heaven
France 2019 97 min.

Filmmaker E.S. has left Palestine—but no matter how far he travels, he can never leave the nation of his birth behind. Reminders of Nazareth imbue Paris and New York in this charmingly deadpan comedy that asks whether it’s ever truly possible to find a place to call home.

Let Me Introduce You to Sofia
Italy 2018 98 min.

In this sweet comedy from Italy, single father Gabriele is thrilled to have a second chance at romance when the one who got away, Mara, returns home after years of travel. There’s only one problem: She loathes children. How long can he keep her in the dark about his beloved daughter Sofia?

Man Camp
USA 2019 94 min.

Brothers Adam, Tim, and Kevin are preparing for their annual Man Camp—a weekend dedicated to setting things on fire and getting trashed in honor of their dear dead dad. But when they walk in on their mom canoodling with her hapless fiancé Alan, it’s every man for himself in this slapstick comedy.

Olympic Dreams
USA 2019 85 min.

Shot on location at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, this perceptive and bittersweet not-quite romance stars co-writers Alexi Pappas and Nick Kroll as cross-country skier Penelope and volunteer dentist Ezra, who are brought together—and kept apart—by life’s vicissitudes.

On the Roof
Czech Republic 2019 95 min.

In this feel-good drama from Czech writer/director Ji í Mádl, Mr. Rypar is an aging, irascible loner whose fury about modern life in Prague is complicated by an unexpected encounter with Song, a young Vietnamese immigrant searching for a better life far from home.

Saint Frances
USA 2019 106 min.

Bridget decides that at the age of 34, it’s time to get her life together. But now that she’s dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, taking a new job as a nanny to precocious and difficult 6-year-old Frances isn’t going as she envisioned in this sweet comedy-drama that took home two awards at SXSW.

France 2019 100 min.

Sibyl is eyeing a career change from psychotherapist to novelist, but her muse is elusive. Enter untethered new patient Margot, an irresistible source of inspiration. This darkly funny French drama follows Sibyl as she grows increasingly obsessed with—and entangled in—Margot’s chaotic life.

Stars by the Pound
France 2018 88 min.

Lonely Lois is just 16, but her dream of becoming an astronaut has already been stymied due to her weight: over 200 pounds. When her despair lands her in a hospital ward with three equally damaged girls, she finds her tribe for the first time in this slyly poignant coming-of-age drama from France.

The Stolen Caravaggio
Italy 2018 110 min.

Acclaimed screenwriter Alessandro is struggling to usher his latest project into production. After all, he hasn’t penned a single word—and his ghostwriter, Valeria, is relying on a mysterious Mafia source for content. This Italian film within a film combines drama, thriller, and satire.

The Twentieth Century
Canada 2019 90 min.

Monty Python meets The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in the art direction of this off-the-wall parody of a biopic about Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, who more than lives up to the Queen’s proclamation: “Canadians, in happy days as in sad, disappointed shall you be.”

USA 2019 73 min.

This comedic homage to kids who documented their childhoods with camcorders charms with anthology-style snippets of young Ralph’s family life, news bytes, infomercials, and forbidden Skinemax movies. It’s a pitch-perfect pastiche of ’80-era VHS tapes that have been repeatedly recorded over.

The Whistlers
Romania 2019 97 min.

Caught between his boss, the gorgeous Gilda, and the lure of 30 million laundered Euros, dirty cop Cristi is set on learning an ancient whistling language as a means of outsmarting constant state surveillance in this noir-ish Romanian romp that skirts the line between deadpan and deadly.

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