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After Parkland
USA 2019 92 min.

Filmed in the aftermath of the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, this documentary intimately chronicles the plight of grieving students and parents as they strive to come to grips with the unthinkable tragedy and search for ways to make sense of the senseless.

American Dharma
USA 2018 95 min.

The inimitable Errol Morris sits down with self-described “apocalyptic nationalist” and political strategist Steve Bannon in a documentary that will be irresistible to political junkies and blood-boiling to anyone who has deliberately avoided the news over the past few years.

Dolce Fine Giornata
Poland 2019 96 min.

Maria Linde lives the sweet life as a free-spirited expat in Italy, where she’s renowned for her literary works and worshipped by much younger men. But when she uses her platform in seeming defense of terrorism, she faces a bitter awakening in this provocative, multilayered drama.

The Great American Lie
USA 2019 99 min.

The American Dream may be the most enduring tale we as a nation tell ourselves. But is the guarantee of upward mobility in exchange for hard work—regardless of color, class, or creed—just a myth? This frank documentary asks whether we’re lying to ourselves about the even level of the playing field.

The Human Factor
United Kingdom 2019 108 min.

With unprecedented access to key players, this absorbing behind-the-scenes documentary reveals how, in the 1990s, the United States nearly achieved the impossible—securing peace between Israel and its neighbors. The lessons to be learned from the not-so-distant past couldn’t be more urgent.

South Korea 2019 144 min.

Two fathers, two sons, and one mysterious woman are caught in a classic web of criminal and political intrigue in this Korean thriller about the aftermath of a fatal accident, which drags even the cleanest-cut characters through the mud—and leaves them drenched in blood.

Manta Ray
Thailand 2018 105 min.

Near the coast of Thailand where thousands of Rohingya refugees have drowned, a local fisherman bonds with an injured stranger he has rescued from certain death. When the good samaritan himself disappears at sea, his new friend steps in to fill the void in this profound and multilayered drama.

Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project
USA 2019 87 min.

For more than 30 years, 24/7, eccentric activist Marion Stokes obsessively recorded American television news programs, preserving the truth even as networks secretly dropped their archives into the trashcan of history. This fascinating time capsule of a documentary explores her priceless legacy.

The Report
USA 2019 119 min.

Adam Driver and Annette Bening head up an excellent ensemble cast in this smart political thriller that tackles the true story of Daniel J. Jones, a Senate staffer charged with investigating the CIA’s use of torture in the wake of 9/11.

USA 2019 96 min.

The National Enquirer pumps out salacious stories that stretch the limits of journalism, truth, and often decency—but it’s a potent cultural (and arguably political) force. This entertaining documentary examines the tabloid that has fed our obsession with the rich and famous for decades.

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