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Dolce Fine Giornata
Poland 2019 96 min.

Maria Linde lives the sweet life as a free-spirited expat in Italy, where she’s renowned for her literary works and worshipped by much younger men. But when she uses her platform in seeming defense of terrorism, she faces a bitter awakening in this provocative, multilayered drama.

Forman vs. Forman
Czech Republic 2019 77 min.

This cleverly edited documentary uses archival footage to paint a portrait of charismatic and renowned director Milo Forman as war orphan and outsider, contrarian young artist in 1960s Prague, and immigrant with an anti-establishment bent who became one of America’s great filmmakers.

A Girl From Mogadishu
Ireland 2019 112 min.

Ifrah Ahmed could have been just one more nameless, faceless victim in the annals of war-torn Somalia. Instead she became a global heroine, positioning herself at the forefront of the fight against gender-based violence. This enlightening biopic tells her story.

The Infiltrators
USA 2019 95 min.

In this experimental documentary, a group of undocumented young people purposely get detained by ICE in order to infiltrate a for-profit detention center where people are held for years without due process. Their goal: to reunite detainees with their families by gaming the system from within.

It Must Be Heaven
France 2019 97 min.

Filmmaker E.S. has left Palestine—but no matter how far he travels, he can never leave the nation of his birth behind. Reminders of Nazareth imbue Paris and New York in this charmingly deadpan comedy that asks whether it’s ever truly possible to find a place to call home.

Lithuania 2019 96 min.

Reeling from his parents’ divorce, 12-year-old Kovas is looking forward to summer vacation in his mother Viktorija’s native Lithuania, and so is she—it’s been decades since she has revisited the old homestead. But the reunion holds painful surprises for them both in this lyrical family drama.

On the Roof
Czech Republic 2019 95 min.

In this feel-good drama from Czech writer/director Ji í Mádl, Mr. Rypar is an aging, irascible loner whose fury about modern life in Prague is complicated by an unexpected encounter with Song, a young Vietnamese immigrant searching for a better life far from home.

France 2019 123 min.

Winner of the Golden Bear at this year’s Berlinale, this complex, multilayered drama follows Yoav, a young Israeli soldier determined not merely to leave his homeland but to excise all traces of it from his psyche as he starts a new life in France.

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