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3 Days 2 Nights
USA 2019 80 min.

The defining moment of one’s life shouldn’t be swept under the rug—but for two brothers who survived a 1974 plane crash that killed their family near Aspen, Colorado, it was. After 40 years of silence, the pair embarks on a road trip to retrace their flight in this somber documentary.

France 2019 104 min.

This atmospheric Cannes Grand Prix winner is equal parts creepy and romantic in its portrayal of Ada, a Senegalese woman in love with a man who has set out for Spain in search of economic opportunity. What follows is a ghost story, as she and the other women left behind become seemingly possessed.

United Kingdom 2019 89 min.

Martin is a fisherman in a small Cornish village turned vacation spot, where he’s at war with everyone: tourists, the neighbors who welcome them, even his own family. Shot in black-and-white on 16mm, this drama brings the conflict between tradition and modernity into high relief.

Russia 2019 130 min.

In post–World War II Leningrad, nurse Iya (the titular Beanpole) and former soldier Masha attempt to rebuild their lives—but the devastation of their city is nothing compared to the damage inflicted on their psyches in this crushing but beautiful Russian period drama.

The Best of Dorien B.
Belgium 2019 106 min.

Belgian co-writer/director Anke Blondé makes an impressive feature debut with this dramatic comedy, all the more affecting for being unsentimental, about a woman on the edge of losing everything—and finding herself in the process.

By the Name of Tania
Belgium 2019 85 min.

Documentary and narrative fiction merge in this spellbinding experimental tale of a young woman who travels up the Amazon from her small village to the gold-mining towns of northern Peru in search of a better life, only to get caught in the trap of violence and degradation set by poverty.

Castle of Dreams
Iran 2019 86 min.

Having abandoned his family some years ago, scoundrel Jalal reappears in the lives of his children, Sara and Ali, at a most inopportune time—only to escort them on a most inauspicious road trip in this subtly moving Iranian drama.

USA 2019 113 min.

Prison warden Bernadine Williams (Alfre Woodard) scrupulously maintains her emotional distance from everyone and everything—including a failing marriage and a botched execution. But with plans to carry out another death sentence underway, her nerves are starting to fray in this devastating drama.

The County
Iceland 2019 92 min.

Meet Inga, a middle-aged dairy farmer who’s channeling her grief over the death of her husband into a fight against both institutional corruption and the patriarchy behind it in this high-spirited drama from Iceland.

Divine Love
Brazil 2019 101 min.

In a futuristic Brazil, Joana is a deeply religious woman who uses her bureaucratic position to prevent divorces. But while doing what she considers to be God’s work, she finds herself unable to conceive a child in her own marriage—and is soon plunged into a crisis of faith in this stylish drama.

Dolce Fine Giornata
Poland 2019 96 min.

Maria Linde lives the sweet life as a free-spirited expat in Italy, where she’s renowned for her literary works and worshipped by much younger men. But when she uses her platform in seeming defense of terrorism, she faces a bitter awakening in this provocative, multilayered drama.

Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains
China 2019 150 min.

Three generations of a Chinese family struggle with issues related to money, class, health, and love over the course of one year in Gu Xiaogang’s poetic, painterly debut drama. As the seasons change in the Fuyang district of Hangzhou City, so do the clan’s relationships and fortunes.

A Family Tour
Taiwan 2018 107 min.

The personal is political—never more so than in this sometimes comically absurd, often heartrending drama, loosely based on director Ying Liang’s own experience, about an exiled Chinese filmmaker whose only way to see her ailing mother is to travel to Taiwan and stalk the elder woman’s tour group.

The Fever
Brazil 2019 98 min.

Against a backdrop of destruction in the Amazon rainforest, this eloquent Brazilian drama centers on indigenous widower Justino, who long ago left his home with the Desana tribe to make a living in the city. Now it’s his daughter’s turn to leave for school—just as he’s contracted a mysterious fever.

The Gasoline Thieves
Mexico 2019 93 min.

An innocent crush propels teenager Lalo’s descent into the Mexican underworld, where the illegal enterprise of gasoline extraction promises access to fast cash. Instead it leads to a fight for his life in this gritty debut drama from filmmaker-to-watch Edgar Nito.

Ghost Town Anthology
Canada 2019 97 min.

Frequent fest guest Denis Côté returns to the DFF with this quietly haunting tale of a rural French-Canadian village in which the living and the dead face off, asking by their very presence the same profound question of one another: Why are you still here?

A Girl Missing
Japan 2019 111 min.

Ichiko, a nurse for elderly Tôko, is beloved by her charge’s granddaughters, bubbly young Saki and serious Motoko. But when Saki is abducted by Ichiko’s own nephew, the resulting guilt by association has a profound and devastating effect in this slow-burning Japanese thriller.

Happy New Year
Hungary 2018 102 min.

In this Carveresque Hungarian dramedy, a group of lifelong friends comes together on New Year’s Eve for a dinner celebration. When they decide to play a little game involving the messages they receive on their cell phones, secrets emerge to suggest their future will not be happy for long.

His Master's Voice
Hungary 2018 108 min.

Best known for bizarre black comedies (Taxidermia, 2006; Free Fall, DFF37), Hungary’s György Pálfi is back with a meditative drama based on a 1968 sci-fi novel by Stanislaw Lem—one that asks unsettling questions about our hunger for connection, be it with aliens or our own loved ones.

House of Hummingbird
South Korea 2018 138 min.

A lonely teenaged girl desperately seeks from the outside world the compassion and companionship she doesn’t get at home. Though set in a rapidly modernizing Seoul circa 1994, this perceptive and earnest coming-of-age tale couldn’t be more timeless or universal.

The Invisible Life
Brazil 2019 139 min.

Based on Martha Batalha’s darkly comic novel, this splashy Brazilian period drama set in 1940s Rio de Janeiro traces the lives of two sisters separated by a cruel father. Ever orbiting one another without connecting, they yearn for what might have been while forging their own paths.

The Invisible Witness
Italy 2018 102 min.

Taking place within a single room during a three-hour pre-trial strategy session, this juicy Italian murder mystery unfolds in the competing flashbacks of the rich and powerful suspect who swears he’s innocent and the woman who doubts him but swears equally to defend him in court.

Italy 2019 83 min.

At the center of this grimly quiet Italian drama, set on the fringes of society, are an unnamed man and woman who rarely venture into the sunlight, instead spending their nights working—he in the market, she on the streets. Until, that is, their nascent relationship sparks an act of violence.

Iron Bridge
Poland 2019 85 min.

After a powerful explosion, a mining company loses contact with its workers underground—including Oskar, whose wife Magda is having an affair with the mine foreman, Kacper. Now the lovers must reckon with their guilt while attempting to save Oskar’s crew in this tense Polish drama.

The Keeper
United Kingdom 2018 120 min.

Bert Trautmann was a Manchester City goalkeeper who became a hero first for winning the 1956 FA Cup finals with a broken neck and later for good works that earned him an Order of the British Empire. Before that, though, he was a German POW in love with an English girl. This is his astonishing story.

Italy 2018 90 min.

It’s the day before Mauro’s funeral, yet his widow can't shed a tear, his son is preparing for TV interviews in hopes of impressing his crush at the memorial, and his father and brother are at blows in this Italian hybrid of dark comedy and affecting family drama.

The Lodge
United Kingdom 2019 100 min.

In this atmospheric follow-up to horror hit Goodnight Mommy, a troubled stepmom-to-be finds herself trapped in a snowbound cabin with her fiancé’s openly hostile children. As her instability worsens, the question of what’s driving it becomes less clear—and more ominous.

The Man Who Surprised Everyone
Russia 2018 105 min.

What does it mean to die like a man? For that matter, what does it mean to live like one? This modern morality tale from Russia tackles such questions with affecting grace in the form of Egor, a Siberian forest guard who faces cancer—and ostracism from his community—in a red dress and heels.

Brazil 2019 155 min.

When Brazil’s elected Communist government was overthrown in 1964, the ensuing military dictatorship lasted for more than 20 years. This epic biopic about leftist revolutionary Carlos Marighella and his struggle against the junta has already proven deeply controversial in his homeland.

Marriage Story
USA 2019 136 min.

This one is going to hurt—which isn’t to say you won’t laugh through the tears. Writer-director Noah Baumbach and stars Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson are drawing career-high raves for their delicately contoured and shaded, exquisitely sad and funny portrait of a couple negotiating a divorce.

Mickey and the Bear
USA 2019 88 min.

Smart, stubborn teenage Mickey must mother and manage the two men in her life: Hank, her volatile ex-Marine father, and Aron, her excruciatingly selfish boyfriend. Her desperate struggle to escape the bleak future they envision for her is the backbone of this moving coming-of-age drama.

Romania 2019 116 min.

There are no monsters here—just two well-meaning but complicated and conflicted individuals coming to terms with profound loss in this intricately etched, achingly beautiful portrait of a couple in crisis. Think Scenes from a Marriage set in modern-day Romania.

Lithuania 2019 96 min.

Reeling from his parents’ divorce, 12-year-old Kovas is looking forward to summer vacation in his mother Viktorija’s native Lithuania, and so is she—it’s been decades since she has revisited the old homestead. But the reunion holds painful surprises for them both in this lyrical family drama.

Motherless Brooklyn
USA 2019 144 min.

Edward Norton directs and stars in this offbeat homage to classic film noir, adapted from a Jonathan Lethem novel, about a private detective with Tourette syndrome investigating the murder of his boss. The crack supporting cast includes Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, Willem Dafoe, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

My Own Good
Italy 2018 94 min.

Elia is the sole resident of Provvidenza, his only company being his memories of life in the village before an earthquake destroyed it and killed his wife. Now he’s being forced from his home just as he’s becoming convinced she’s trying to contact him from beyond in this touching Italian drama.

Night God
Kazakhstan 2018 110 min.

For sheer atmosphere, there’s no topping the stylized hellscape in which Kazakh writer/director Adilkhan Yerzhanov’s enigmatic yet enthralling vision of the apocalypse takes place. It’s grounded in mythology—but its parallels to the realities we currently face couldn’t be more clear.

Noah Land
Turkey 2019 109 min.

What is love? What is faith? What is honor? While drawing, with deep sensitivity, a portrait of a terminally ill father whose son is struggling to uphold his wish to be buried beneath a tree that’s believed to be holy, this Turkish drama also grapples with timeless moral and existential dilemmas.

Oh Mercy!
France 2019 119 min.

This riveting crime procedural is set in the gritty town of Roubaix, France, where immigrants, addicts, and derelicts clash with each other and with the cops—including police chief Daoud and his rookie partner, who are investigating a pair of women tied to a murder.

On the Roof
Czech Republic 2019 95 min.

In this feel-good drama from Czech writer/director Ji í Mádl, Mr. Rypar is an aging, irascible loner whose fury about modern life in Prague is complicated by an unexpected encounter with Song, a young Vietnamese immigrant searching for a better life far from home.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire
France 2019 119 min.

French writer/director Céline Sciamma won the Best Screenplay award at Cannes for this affecting, elegantly subversive period romance set in the 18th century, which follows artist Marianne on a delicate assignment: painting the wedding portrait of reluctant bride-to-be Héloïse.

The River
Kazakhstan 2018 108 min.

In this now-dreamy, now-startlingly strange coming-of-age fable from Kazakhstan, five young brothers live the most austere of lives, toiling away on the family’s desolate homestead—which begins to look, in hindsight, like a sort of paradise after their slick cousin Kanat comes to visit.

Saint Frances
USA 2019 106 min.

Bridget decides that at the age of 34, it’s time to get her life together. But now that she’s dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, taking a new job as a nanny to precocious and difficult 6-year-old Frances isn’t going as she envisioned in this sweet comedy-drama that took home two awards at SXSW.

France 2019 100 min.

Sibyl is eyeing a career change from psychotherapist to novelist, but her muse is elusive. Enter untethered new patient Margot, an irresistible source of inspiration. This darkly funny French drama follows Sibyl as she grows increasingly obsessed with—and entangled in—Margot’s chaotic life.

Sick, Sick, Sick
Brazil 2019 100 min.

In this eerie, visually mesmerizing perversion of a teen romance from Brazil, young Silvia is in mourning—a mourning so intense it makes her literally lovesick. As her condition worsens, she begins to conjure up ways to resurrect the object of her obsession. She may have more power than she knows.

So Pretty
USA 2019 83 min.

Combining narrative fiction with documentary and 16mm film with cellphone footage, Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Ravinelli captures the daily lives, challenges, dreams, and desires of four trans and queer youth in New York City.

Song Without a Name
Peru 2018 97 min.

Georgina is a poor Quecha woman living on the outskirts of Lima. The day she gives birth at a private clinic, her baby is snatched away from her, and Georgina must confront both the indifferent police and violent terrorists to search for her daughter in this Peruvian drama based on a true story.

Sorry We Missed You
United Kingdom 2019 100 min.

When Ricky takes a contract job as a delivery driver, his struggling family hopes they’ve finally gotten the break from debt they so badly need. But the fine print on that contract is about to be writ large, and it will take a toll on them all in this stirring drama from British director Ken Loach.

The Stolen Caravaggio
Italy 2018 110 min.

Acclaimed screenwriter Alessandro is struggling to usher his latest project into production. After all, he hasn’t penned a single word—and his ghostwriter, Valeria, is relying on a mysterious Mafia source for content. This Italian film within a film combines drama, thriller, and satire.

France 2019 123 min.

Winner of the Golden Bear at this year’s Berlinale, this complex, multilayered drama follows Yoav, a young Israeli soldier determined not merely to leave his homeland but to excise all traces of it from his psyche as he starts a new life in France.

Tunisia 2019 120 min.

As a soldier in the Tunisian army, S. is trapped in a cycle of violence. As the pregnant wife of a wealthy man, F. is trapped in a gilded cage. Their escape into the forest makes for an experimental, richly allegorical tale about abandoning society to return to a more primitive state in nature.

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