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Birds Without Feathers
USA 2018 87 min.

Wendy McColm directs and stars in this poignant dark comedy about six misfits in desperate search of connection, including a would-be Instagram star, a stand-up with stage fright, a struggling self-help guru, and a Russian pseudo-cowboy obsessed with Jeff Goldblum.

Chained for Life
USA 2018 91 min.

The Elephant Man meets The Player in this exhilaratingly strange yet moving meta-satire about two actors—one a starlet, the other a gentle soul with a severe facial deformity—exploring their roles and their lives together on the creepy hospital set of an exploitation-horror film.

France 2017 90 min.

In this sharp-fanged French/Belgian tragicomedy, Jacques is stripped of everything: his job, his family, his home, and his new pet. Having already paid for training sessions and at a loss for answers, he decides to attend them himself—as the dog. You can’t help but sympathize as you squirm.

Ghostbox Cowboy
USA 2018 111 min.

The American Dream has been outsourced to Shenzhen, China, and a washed-up tech entrepreneur is there to live it, by hook or by crook—probably both—in this mesmerizingly off-kilter slice of cinéma vérité from John Maringouin (Running Stumbled, DFF29; Big River Man, DFF32).

Hair Wolf
USA 2018 12 min.

In a black hair salon in gentrifying Brooklyn, the local residents fend off a strange new monster: white women intent on sucking the lifeblood from black culture.

The Saint Bernard Syndicate
Denmark 2018 100 min.

In this fresh Danish comedy, director Mads Brügger delivers cinematic riches to everyone but his protagonists—two bumbling entrepreneurs who aim to bring “canine capitalism” to China by building Saint Bernard breeding centers in Chongqing. They expect great fortune; their cookies say otherwise.

USA 2018 86 min.

Being an outsider is awkward at best, scary at worst. Tyler isn’t new to the game, but his discomfort upon realizing that he’s the only black man at a weekend getaway of white guys (where being called by the wrong name is just the beginning) becomes ever more oppressive in this unsettling drama.

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