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France 2017 91 min.

Issei Sagawa murdered and cannibalized a woman in 1981, yet he’s been a free man for 32 years. Now old and infirm, he’s cared for by his brother Jun. This relentlessly close-up documentary reveals the nuances of their relationship—by turns competitive, deeply loving, resentful, and oddly paternal.

USA 2018 85 min.

A young man with a violent past enters a mysterious clinic where he's given the chance to transform himself, body and mind, via surgical implants. But they come at a great cost in this artsy sci-fi horror co-exec-produced by Steven Soderbergh, with music by Flying Lotus.

The Subject
Canada 2018 10 min.

An animator dissects his own body, extracting memories and emotions that will nurture his work.

We Are Not Done Yet
USA 2018 40 min.

In this cathartic documentary by filmmaker Sareen Hairabedian, 10 U.S. military vets scarred by PTSD put their faith in the healing power of art as they prepare to stage a courageous live performance of collaborative poetry under the direction of renowned actor Jeffrey Wright.

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