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Addison Groove - Changa
United Kingdom 2017 3 min.

A warped and wonderful journey through malleable bodies and groovy, preternatural dance moves.

All Sounds Considered
France 2018 96 min.

Made by local filmmakers Goran Vejvoda and Florence Müller, this experimental documentary explores the states of sound and silence, inviting viewers to enter the world of contemporary sonic media with an open ear.

Ankathie Koi - Hurricane
Mexico 2018 4 min.

Hurricane tells the story of a woman who wants to live the life she fought for.

Anna and the Apocalypse
United Kingdom 2017 92 min.

Just in time for Christmas, the apocalypse has begun, and the undead are descending on the sleepy Scottish town of Little Haven. Now teenaged Anna and her friends must fight—not to mention sing and dance—to survive in this zany, candy-colored zombie holiday musical.

Bathtubs Over Broadway
USA 2018 87 min.

On assignment to scour bargain-bin vinyl for a Late Night with David Letterman segment, comedy writer Steve Young discovered a long-lost genre: the corporate musical. His fanboy obsession unfolds in this rollicking documentary with appearances by Letterman, Martin Short, and Jello Biafra.

Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story
United Kingdom 2018 101 min.

Meet the real-life oddball whose story inspired the 2014 black comedy Frank. Over the course of two decades, almost-famous musician-turned-provocateur in papier-mâché head Chris Sievey lost himself in the very performance art that garnered him a cult following. This is his tragicomic truth.

Briffaut - Feeling Good
USA 2018 4 min.

Briffaut, a Colorado local band, seeks the source of pleasure as its members embark on a cinematic journey through an alien landscape.

Der Lindenbaum
USA 2018 16 min.

An opera singer is depressed. His father is trying to commit suicide. Nothing is funnier than unhappiness.

Down Time - No Sentiment
USA 2018 5 min.

A woman not in trouble. A woman in complete control.

The Gospel of Eureka
USA 2018 75 min.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is home to two spectacles: passion plays and drag shows. This exuberant documentary explores the divide—and overlap—between Christian and civil liberties, faith of one kind and faith of another, as evangelicals and queens alike pull back the curtains on their lives.

Indigenous Robot - Raygun
USA 2018 5 min.

Spread the word. The whole world needs a Raygun!

Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records
USA 2018 95 min.

Wax Trax! began in Denver, but it belongs to every child of the post-punk era. Pulsing with the energy of the bands it championed, including Ministry and Front 242, this engrossing documentary captures the meteoric rise and poignant fall of the Chicago record store and its namesake indie label.

Ital Tek - Blood Rain
USA 2018 4 min.

An experimental dance through the city.

Itchy-O - Black Mist
USA 2018 4 min.

Three studies of Sympathetic Psykho-Magic.

JB Dunckel - Hold On
France 2018 4 min.

A young robot takes human form under the eyes of a loving young woman.

Juanes - Pa Dentro
Colombia 2018 3 min.

A visually lush fantasy grounded in urban reality.

Knife Knights - Give You Game
USA 2018 3 min.

A slow approach.

Russia 2018 126 min.

This loose biopic of two Soviet rockers—Zoopark’s Mike Naumenko and Kino’s Viktor Tsoi—is a moody black-and-white meditation on the Leningrad music scene in the early 1980s, whose rebels struggled to channel the mutinous spirit of Western punk under an acutely repressive system.

Lucero - Long Way Back Home
USA 2018 8 min.

Starring Michael Shannon as Stanton, this gritty short directed by Jeff Nichols (Take Shelter, Mud, Midnight Special, Loving) follows a broken man searching for his brothers.

USA 2018 9 min.

A glimpse into the unique world of Tom Hicks, a veteran ski patrolman and luthier whose life is as unconventional as his craft.

Maria By Callas
France 2017 113 min.

Through never-before-seen video footage, audio recordings, and other archival material, legendary opera singer Maria Callas tells her story in her own words—decades after her death. This transcendent portrait also captures Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Liz Taylor, and other leading lights of her era.

Max Cooper - Rule 110
USA 2018 4 min.

A continuous shot reveals the gradual evolution of an elementary cellular automaton based on Rule 110.

Midas - Caroline
Netherlands 2018 4 min.

Caroline is about the imaginative scorn of a heartbroken woman.

Mothers - Pink
USA 2018 7 min.

A long wait in the waiting room.

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - You Worry Me
USA 2018 4 min.

Winner of Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats’ Fly Me Away fan video competition.

Neneh Cherry - Kong
United Kingdom 2018 5 min.

A meditation on the African diaspora, family, community, and dance.

Oh! What A Lovely War
United Kingdom 1969 144 min.

Richard Attenborough’s 1969 screen adaptation of playwright Charles Chilton’s 1963 World War I musical satire stars a who’s who of British thespians, including Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, John Gielgud, Vanessa Redgrave, Susannah York, and Dirk Bogarde.

Rone - Wave
United Kingdom 2018 5 min.

Cybersex, virtual dating, and unwanted voyeurs: A dystopian tale of modern loneliness is made worse by connection issues.

Scatter Gather - Spring
USA 2018 4 min.

An animated ode to the season of rebirth.

Sofi Tukker - Benadryl
USA 2018 3 min.

Water provides the conduit to blasé adventure.

Spelling - Hard to Please
USA 2018 2 min.

A colorful fantasy of the heart high on desire.

Tommy Cash - Pussy Money Weed
Estonia 2018 3 min.

You can be hot even when you're dancing on blades in a deserted zoo on Mars.

Tsar B - Rattlesnake
Belgium 2018 3 min.

A story about treason and revenge by means of eight digital tableaux.

United Skates
USA 2018 89 min.

One by one, the lights are dimming on the last remaining roller rinks in the United States—leaving a community of thousands in the dark. This documentary, by turns pumped-up and poignant, pulls you onto the floor to see—and into the struggle to save—what’s left of African-American skating culture.

DFF41 Closing Night: Vox Lux
USA 2018 110 min.

As teenagers, sisters Celeste and Eleanor survived a seismic tragedy; in making music about their experience, Celeste became a star. But now, as an adult (played by Natalie Portman) with a teenage daughter of her own, Celeste is struggling anew—faced once again with an act of terrifying violence.

Young Fathers - Holy Ghost
United Kingdom 2018 3 min.

An infrared surveillance.

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