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Anna and the Apocalypse
United Kingdom 2017 92 min.

Just in time for Christmas, the apocalypse has begun, and the undead are descending on the sleepy Scottish town of Little Haven. Now teenaged Anna and her friends must fight—not to mention sing and dance—to survive in this zany, candy-colored zombie holiday musical.

USA 2018 94 min.

In this psychological thriller set in the world of Web porn, ambitious camgirl Alice (The Handmaid’s Tale's Madeline Brewer) discovers she has a doppelgänger with similar ambitions—to replace Alice in her own life. A meditation on identity in the social-media age, penned by a former camgirl.

Hair Wolf
USA 2018 12 min.

In a black hair salon in gentrifying Brooklyn, the local residents fend off a strange new monster: white women intent on sucking the lifeblood from black culture.

Hell Is Where the Home Is
USA 2018 88 min.

A quartet of friends heads to a remote desert retreat for the weekend, where they’re startled by a late-night knock at the door. The choice they make next sets the scene for the rest of this intense (and gory) thriller, in which no one is quite who they appear to be.

Canada 2018 9 min.

On a late night, a young teen goes into the kitchen for a glass of milk. Upon encountering his sleepless mother, he quickly realizes things are not as they seem.

The Wolf House
Chile 2018 74 min.

Banished from her home and pursued by a wolf, Maria finds shelter and relief in a home inhabited by pigs—but events quickly take a twisted turn in this Chilean fable made wondrous through stop-action animation, painstakingly crafted with paper, paint, tape, and other objects come to life.

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