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Another Day of Life
Poland 2018 85 min.

Mixing documentary footage and animation to startling effect, this account of late Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski’s days on the front lines of the Angolan civil war in the 1970s is as enlightening with respect to a conflict few Americans today understand as it is heart-poundingly engrossing.

Back Home
Poland 2018 106 min.

20-year-old Urszula has managed to escape from her pimp and return, beaten and bruised, to her home. But everyone in her conservative community—including her parents, siblings, and priest—seem determined to punish her sins both real and imagined in this grim study of a pious Polish town.

The Butler
Poland 2018 150 min.

In this romantic epic from Polish director Filip Bajon, the shifting fortunes and steadfast passions of the von Krauss family unfold against a backdrop of world wars spanning five decades.

Cold War
Poland 2018 90 min.

Wiktor and Zula meet amid the post-war ruins of Poland, Berlin, Yugoslavia, and Paris in this lush romantic drama filmed entirely in black and white. Complicated by politics, their own character flaws, and tragic twists of fate, theirs is an impossible love story for impossible times.

Poland 2018 12 min.

The sudden meeting of a man and a woman leads to a hypnotic game of pleasure and discomfort.

The Other
Poland 2018 5 min.

In this animated film, people awaiting a mysterious newcomer can't help but try to guess who he might be.

Panic Attack
Poland 2017 100 min.

A woman encounters two exes in one night, a couple gets the worst seats on an airplane, a bride gives birth at her own wedding, and a teenager gets stoned for the first time in this Polish social satire disguised as a darkly humorous, multipart character study.

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