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DFF 40 Matinee: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
USA 2017 115 min.

In this dark comedic drama from acclaimed Irish-British writer-director Martin McDonagh, Frances McDormand stars as the mother of a murder victim. With the case unsolved, she commissions three billboards that send a message to the revered local police chief (Woody Harrelson). And so a furious battle

Final Four
USA 2016 20 min.

An assassin with a near-perfect NCAA basketball-playoffs bracket deals with the burdens of her job and the distractions of being a sports fanatic.

Game of Death
Canada 2016 73 min.

In the middle of small-town nowhere, seven friends play a board game whose stakes are literally life or death. One part black comedy, one part teen drama and one part bloody horror flick from the Canadian creators of the namesake web series.

The Misogynists
USA 2017 85 min.

This dark, claustrophobic satire stars Dylan Baker as Cameron, a lonely businessman celebrating Trump's election in a hotel room after a bitter separation from his wife of 35 years. As the night progresses, friends and strangers come and go, debating politics and what it means to be an American.

The Party
United Kingdom 2017 71 min.

The more is anything but the merrier in this brutally funny satire of British society. Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) throws a party whose every guest (Patricia Clarkson and Cillian Murphy among them) is worse than the last—all the better for the audience to relish Sally Potter’s zinger-rich dialogue.

The Room
USA 2003 99 min.

Now a cult sensation, Tommy Wiseau's notorious 2003 tale of passion and betrayal has been called “the Citizen Kane of bad movies." On the eve of the release of The Disaster Artist—a feature comedy by James Franco about its making—we’re screening The Room in all its dubious glory.

Under the Tree
Iceland 2017 89 min.

In this pitch-black comedy of manners, Atli's wife throws him out and forbids him to see his daughter, while his parents engage in a slow-burning dispute with the neighbors. As the two stories of sleek, bleak suburbia merge, the notoriously dark worldview of Icelandic cinema comes into focus.

Withnail & I
United Kingdom 1987 107 min.

Two unemployed actors—the acerbic, elegantly wasted Withnail (Richard E. Grant) and the anxiety-ridden "I" (Paul McGann)—escape London only to realize they've gone on holiday by mistake in English writer-director Bruce Robinson's hilarious, semi-autobiographical 1987 cult comedy.

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