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Poland 2017 108 min.

In this graphic Polish crime thriller based on real-life events, writer Krystian Bala publishes a grisly novel that appears to contain details about an unsolved murder. Is he a psychopath, a mere celebrity hound or both? The detective with whom he's playing cat and mouse aims to find out.

Cold Hell
Germany 2017 92 min.

In this heart-pounding pulp thriller from Oscar-winning Austrian director Stefan Ruzowitzky, Ozge is a Turkish-Austrian taxi driver and kickboxer who comes home after a long shift to find her neighbor murdered. When the killer sees her, he sets out to eliminate her too—but he may have met his match.

DFF 40 Matinee: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
USA 2017 115 min.

In this dark comedic drama from acclaimed Irish-British writer-director Martin McDonagh, Frances McDormand stars as the mother of a murder victim. With the case unsolved, she commissions three billboards that send a message to the revered local police chief (Woody Harrelson). And so a furious battle

Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?
USA 2017 90 min.

In this brave documentary, filmmaker Travis Wilkerson returns to his Alabama home to turn the camera on his own family's darkest secrets. Decades ago, his great-grandfather killed an African-American man but was never charged, due not least to a culture of racism that persists today.

Dragonfly Eyes
China 2017 81 min.

Constructed entirely of found footage from closed-circuit surveillance cameras, Chinese visual artist Xu Bing’s ambitious and spellbinding feature drama serves as a commentary on identity in the digital age while following an ill-fated romance through a faceless and frightening urban environment.

Fish Story
United Kingdom 2017 13 min.

A search for the truth behind a fishy tale.

I'm a Killer
Poland 2016 117 min.

Based on real-life events in 1970s Poland, this absorbing psychological drama follows Janusz, a politically vulnerable detective who fears he has arrested the wrong man for the deadly crimes of the "Vampire of Zaglebie.” As the career pressures build, will he have the courage to do the right thing?

In the Fade
Germany 2017 106 min.

After her husband and child are killed in a bomb attack, Katja's mourning process is made all the harder by the trial of the two neo-Nazi suspects: though she teeters on the edge of sanity, she wants justice. Diane Kruger won Best Actress at Cannes this year for her role in this raw, gripping drama.

The Incident
Lebanon 2017 22 min.

At a bus stop near Beirut, a veiled Muslim woman and a migrant Syrian worker get in a scuffle and are arrested. They must argue their innocence in the face of the only witnesses: a bus full of women on their way to the mosque, each with her own version of the truth.

Jasper Jones
Australia 2017 105 min.

Small-town Australia: kids on bicycles, homework, cricket…and a girl gone missing. As the locals embark on a search for the missing child in this hybrid love story–murder mystery, one boy struggles to uncover the truth, protect his friends, follow his heart and take his first steps into adulthood.

JonBenet's Tricycle
USA 2017 88 min.

Denverite Andrew Novick, an obsessive collector, reveals some of his strangest acquisitions—including JonBenet Ramsey's tricycle—in this quirky documentary, which investigates the human urge to possess what we value and the impact that pop culture and the media have on our experience of tragedy.

Lullaby Killer
Poland 2017 96 min.

Based on real-life events in the 1950s, this Polish murder mystery plays out as a game of cat and mouse between a serial killer and a young cop, whose investigation leads him into a world of political corruption—where he comes to discover that he’s more like his target than he cares to admit.

USA 2017 20 min.

In 1810, Isadora, an Indigenous Californian, faces a battle for survival after being emancipated from the abusive Los Angeles mission where she was raised.

The Party
United Kingdom 2017 71 min.

The more is anything but the merrier in this brutally funny satire of British society. Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) throws a party whose every guest (Patricia Clarkson and Cillian Murphy among them) is worse than the last—all the better for the audience to relish Sally Potter’s zinger-rich dialogue.

Paul Is Here
Belgium 2016 24 min.

Paul is here. Like a step backward, like a ghost knocking at the door, Paul is here, and his annoying presence will disrupt Jeanne's everyday life—and maybe help her grow up.

The Suitcase
USA 2017 21 min.

The ordinary life of a Boston-bred baggage handler is turned upside down when he steals a suitcase that contains terrorist plans.

Three Colors: Blue
France 1993 98 min.

Julie's world is destroyed when her family is killed in a car crash. In her anguish and guilt, she leaves her old life behind to inhabit a kind of living death. But she finds she cannot so easily withdraw from the world in Polish auteur Krzysztof Kieslowski's 1993 classic starring Juliette Binoche.

USA 2017 6 min.

Forced into a situation beyond his control, Truman must let go of his convictions and open his eyes to the truth.

What Lies Upstream
USA 2017 89 min.

Unfolding like a political thriller, this investigative documentary starts with a water-contamination crisis in West Virginia. Where it ends is anyone's guess, as it turns out that the shocking truth about our regulatory agencies' failure to protect our health goes far beyond Flint, Michigan.

While I Was Gone
USA 2017 15 min.

Suspicious that his brother is stealing from him, Lucas goes on a crosstown search to confront the problem.

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