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Bill Nye: Science Guy
USA 2017 101 min.

Get to know the man behind the myth (and the bowtie): Bill Nye's journey from beloved kids' show host to elder statesman of and spokesman for the scientific community is chronicled in this thoughtful documentary.

Darkest Hour
United Kingdom 2017 114 min.

Gary Oldman stars in this thrilling WWII–era account of Winston Churchill’s first weeks in office. With the support of his wife of 31 years, Clemmie (Kristin Scott Thomas), the witty and brilliant Prime Minister must rally a nation to fight against all odds to change the course of world history.

DFF 40 Closing Night Presentation: I, Tonya
USA 2017 119 min.

Director Craig Gillespie traces the rise and ignominious fall of competitive ice skater–turned–tabloid villain Tonya Harding (a terrific Margot Robbie) in this outrageous, tragicomic biopic built around one of the most ridiculous scandals in the history of American sports. Allison Janney co-stars.

Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey
USA 2017 96 min.

At 94 years old, Fred Beckey is the original “Dirtbag"—a mountaineer who abandons societal norms and material comforts in pursuit of a nomadic lifestyle. Here's the heretofore untold story of an American icon whose name evokes mystery, adulation and vitriol in climbing circles to this day.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
France 2007 112 min.

After a stroke rendered him mute and almost totally paralyzed in 1995, magazine editor Jean-Dominique Bauby composed his memoirs—which he dictated by blinking his left eye. Mathieu Amalric stars in Julian Schnabel’s acclaimed, heart-rending and inspiring adaptation of Bauby's autobiography.

USA 2017 93 min.

War photographer Chris Hondros spent a decade documenting conflict around the globe—until he was killed while on assignment in 2011. Directed by his friend and colleague Greg Campbell, this eloquent documentary pays tribute to the late photojournalist's courage and compassion.

DFF 40 Big Night Presentation: Molly's Game
USA 2017 140 min.

Written and directed with pizzazz by the inimitable Aaron Sorkin, this drama is based on the true story of Molly Bloom, a Colorado-bred Olympic-class skier who ran a high-stakes poker game for the rich and famous until the FBI caught up with her. To join the Wish of a Lifetime after party pur

Notes From the Notebook of...
1971 48 min.

Experimental filmmaker Robert Beavers's masterpiece turns inward to reveal its own structure as it reflects on the practice of making art in general. Inspired by the notebooks of da Vinci, it's a unique self-portrait of the artist at work.

Song of Granite
Ireland 2017 104 min.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Irish folk music with this graceful biopic, which examines the life of legendary 20th-century singer Joe Heaney even as it paints a thoughtful portrait of The Emerald Isle itself, celebrating its culture and its artists.

Poland 2017 120 min.

Bubi, aka Jan Banas, was a soccer legend in his adopted Poland in the 1960s and 1970s. This thrilling biopic by Polish filmmaker and DFF tribute guest Jan Kidawa-Blonski is at once a love story, a cautionary tale of friendship and an epic fable of triumph and defeat.

Winter's Watch
USA 2016 14 min.

The caretaker of a remote New England hotel braves the cold, dark months of winter by embracing the solitude and finding inspiration—and life—in a barren season.

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