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The Birdie
Russia 2015 3 min.

Teaming up makes everything easier for a birdie and a hippo.

Germany 2016 4 min.

What should be a relaxing evening on the couch becomes a nuisance for one peckish croc.

USA 2016 3 min.

This short is a reflection on friendships and personal journeys. Also, dogs!

Spain 2016 9 min.

Summer, 1982. Teo claims he has found the fabled Einstein-Rosen Bridge through space and time. His brother Óscar doesn’t believe him—at least not yet.

Faces Places
France 2017 90 min.

At 89, French New Wave auteur Agnès Varda teamed up with acclaimed 33-year-old photographer JR to co-direct this enchanting documentary-meets-road movie. Traveling around France in JR’s truck to capture the locals they meet along the way, they reveal the humanity in their subjects—and themselves.

Heads Together
Netherlands 2016 21 min.

Three friends must walk a day in each other’s shoes—and legs, and torsos.

A Hole
Mexico 2016 5 min.

A little girl longs for a playmate in the garden. When, oh, when will her efforts finally take root?

Konigiri Kun: Shopping
Japan 2015 5 min.

Konigiri Kun, a curious rice ball with a shopping fetish, goes to the market and sees temptation all around in this hilarious nod to overconsumption.

Little Mouse
Hungary 2016 7 min.

Eleven-year-old “Little Mouse” is a naturally gifted swimmer who earned a spot at the Bucharest Youth Championship. Will she have what it takes to out-lap the big kids?

Mr. Night Has a Day Off
Lithuania 2016 2 min.

Why is the night changing the day? Well, when you don’t like something, you change it.

Nino & Felix
Italy 2015 8 min.

Thrown together by circumstance, Nino and Felix must learn to find common ground in fantastical fashion.

Outdoor Cinema
Russia 2014 3 min.

The best cinema reflects what is right in front of us, as with this homage to all that captures our eye.

The Pits
USA 2016 3 min.

It’s not easy being green—but it all works out in this charming quest for a perfect match.

The Pocket Man
France 2016 7 min.

Good things come in all sizes and packages—especially the pocket man, whose kindness abounds.

The Pool
USA 2017 9 min.

On the day before it’s shut down to make way for a fancy new aquatic center, a shabby community pool reflects on its life while going through the five stages of grief.

Australia 2015 10 min.

A father and son work their way past loss to strengthen cultural bonds in the unlikeliest of places: the lunchbox.

Spain 2016 7 min.

Roger is used to being the leading man in a stop-motion series. But when his good luck runs out on set, he must learn how to claw his way back to the top.

Spider Web
Russia 2016 4 min.

It’s a spider’s dilemma to get caught in a bind, but working together means weaving new webs of strength.

Spring Jam
New Zealand 2016 6 min.

Lone Stag is lacking in the antlers department. How will he get any birds to help him make music for the spring jam?

Stone Soup
France 2015 7 min.

Times are tough in one little town: first no food, now no electricity. But eventually, the transformative power of community will nourish all, in more ways than one.

Germany 2016 4 min.

A happy but hungry little tiger devises clever means to fill his belly and satisfy his cravings.

Water Path for a Fish
Spain 2016 8 min.

Oscar rescues a goldfish from the claws of hungry cats, but has trouble caring for it due to a drought. Then the faucets turn on—and the challenge truly begins.

Welcome to My Life
USA 2015 9 min.

T-Kesh is your average Monster-American teenager, enduring the challenges of high school.

You Look Scary
USA 2016 4 min.

Though we amplify our fears, they’re often not so bad at all.

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