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ACORN and the Firestorm
USA 2017 84 min.

Once America's largest grassroots community-organizing group, ACORN became a major player in the 2008 presidential election that resulted in Obama's victory. It also became a lightning rod for controversies that reverberate throughout today's toxic political atmosphere, as this documentary shows.

Across the Waters
Denmark 2016 94 min.

Unsure of whom they can trust, a Jewish musician and his family make a frantic escape from Nazi-occupied Denmark in this hair-raising story of survival based on real-life events.

Afternoon Clouds
India 2016 13 min.

Malti is a Nepali maid who lives with her employer, 60-year-old widow Kaki. One afternoon at the house, where a flower blossoms on the balcony, she unexpectedly meets a boy from her hometown.

Amy & Sophia
United Kingdom 2017 89 min.

An unlikely friendship forms when two troubled girls, haunted by their past, forge a shared future by using art as an escape from the present in this magical-realist drama.

And Then I Go
USA 2017 99 min.

In this taut, sensitive portrayal of teenage alienation, bullied eighth-grader Edwin is pressured by his only friend into a plot for revenge. Hope rises when an empathetic teacher recognizes his drawing skills—but as the stresses he faces continue to mount, catastrophe seems inevitable.

The Ballad of Lefty Brown
USA 2017 111 min.

When famed frontier lawman Eddie Johnson (Peter Fonda) is killed, his longtime sidekick Lefty Brown (Bill Pullman) will stop at nothing to avenge his death in this homage to the golden age of Westerns, which inhabits the gray area between the heroes who wear the white hats and the villains in black.

Beauty and the Dogs
Tunisia 2017 100 min.

When Mariam, a young Tunisian woman, is raped by police officers after leaving a party, she is put in the harrowing position of fighting for her rights against tormentors who just so happen to have the law on their side in this starkly emotional drama based on a true story.

Breaking the Waves
Denmark 1996 159 min.

Danish auteur Lars von Trier's 1996 masterpiece stars Emily Watson as a deeply religious naïf who believes she's doing God's work through sex—a view not shared by her pious community. This devastating exploration of faith and sacrifice is also one of the most remarkable love stories you'll ever see.

The Burden
Sweden 2017 14 min.

This musical with apocalyptic undertones is divided into four episodes, which take place in a supermarket, an extended-stay hotel, a call center and a hamburger restaurant.

The Cakemaker
Israel 2017 104 min.

This nuanced tale of love and loss follows Thomas from Berlin to Jerusalem, where he finds work in a café run by a grieving widow—with whose husband he had been having an affair. The pair finds comfort in one another’s friendship, but his failure to reveal his identity may leave them doubly bereft.

California Dreams
USA 2017 83 min.

DFF regular Mike Ott's latest genre-bender follows five real people in rural California striving—more or less—to realize their dreams of Hollywood stardom. As with many of his films (e.g. DFF39's co-directed Actor Martinez), the vérité result is hypnotic, funny and agonizing by turns.

Belgium 2016 11 min.

A tragicomedy about a sweet little girl who grows up to be a crazy old cat lady.

USA 2017 12 min.

Before opening his new restaurant, a desperate chef seeks constructive feedback from his friends.

A Ciambra
Italy 2017 118 min.

Pio Amato is desperate to grow up fast. He drinks, smokes and follows his older brother Cosimo everywhere, learning the skills necessary for life on the streets. But when Cosimo disappears, Pio's would-be manhood is put to the test in this gritty coming-of-age drama, Italy’s 2018 Oscars nominee.

Corniche Kennedy
France 2016 94 min.

Marseilles makes a fittingly edgy backdrop for this French drama of first love careening toward danger. When a shy girl starts hanging out with the cool kids down by the shore, she delights in discovering lives so different from her own. Then the harsh realities of race and class begin to intrude.

Iceland 2016 19 min.

A single father wants to fulfill his young daughter's wish to throw a slumber party for her friends, but it turns out to be more of a challenge than he thought.

Darkest Hour
United Kingdom 2017 114 min.

Gary Oldman stars in this thrilling WWII–era account of Winston Churchill’s first weeks in office. With the support of his wife of 31 years, Clemmie (Kristin Scott Thomas), the witty and brilliant Prime Minister must rally a nation to fight against all odds to change the course of world history.

The Day After
South Korea 2017 92 min.

Told in black-and-white flashbacks, this clever parable of (mostly bad) manners from South Korean filmmaker Hong Sang-soo revisits his trademark themes of infidelity and emotional upheaval to portray a book publisher as he’s forced to confront the consequences of his selfishness and self-deception.

DFF 40 Centerpiece Presentation: Submission
USA 2017 106 min.

Adapted from Francine Prose’s acclaimed novel Blue Angel, this biting morality play about lust, ambition and the allure of scandal stars Stanley Tucci as a professor caught in a midlife crisis, a love triangle and a serious ethical dilemma all at the same time. Kyra Sedgwick co-stars.

DFF 40 Closing Night Presentation: I, Tonya
USA 2017 119 min.

Director Craig Gillespie traces the rise and ignominious fall of competitive ice skater–turned–tabloid villain Tonya Harding (a terrific Margot Robbie) in this outrageous, tragicomic biopic built around one of the most ridiculous scandals in the history of American sports. Allison Janney co-stars.

Diary in a Marble
Poland 1993 110 min.

Two brothers in wartime Silesia are pushed in different directions: one into the Polish army, the other into the Nazi party—and, eventually, the arms of his sister-in-law. This tragicomic family saga from tribute guest Jan Kidawa-Blonski doubles an allegory of contemporary Polish history.

Iran 2017 89 min.

This taut Iranian drama takes place in Tehran over the course of one long winter's night. Sara, bleeding and in need of medical care, claims she has been raped. When treatment is refused, a nightmarish, deception-filled journey for help begins, with the 19-year-old's health increasingly at risk.

USA 2017 81 min.

Troubled drifter Alex returns home to find that his childhood abuser, the cause of his pain, is still alive. Armed with this knowledge, Alex plots revenge while navigating the landscape of small-town America—fraught with danger and desperation—in Travis Mathews's examination of masculine fragility.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
France 2007 112 min.

After a stroke rendered him mute and almost totally paralyzed in 1995, magazine editor Jean-Dominique Bauby composed his memoirs—which he dictated by blinking his left eye. Mathieu Amalric stars in Julian Schnabel’s acclaimed, heart-rending and inspiring adaptation of Bauby's autobiography.

The Dragon Defense
Colombia 2017 80 min.

Named for a famous chess move, Natalia Santa’s bittersweet, empathetic drama follows three old friends in Bogotá whose threadbare lives testify to the consequences of poor decision making. At the crossroads of middle age, they must determine whether it’s too late to take a chance on a new strategy.

A Drowning Man
Denmark 2017 15 min.

Alone and far from home, The Kid makes his way through a strange city. Surrounded by predators, he is forced to make compromises just to live his life in exile one day longer.

France 2017 123 min.

Félicité’s life is upended when her son is badly injured in an accident. Needing money to save him, she sets out on a breakneck race through the streets of electric Kinshasa in Franco-Senegalese filmmaker Alain Gomis’s fierce, music-filled drama, winner of the Silver Bear at this year’s Berlinale.

Italy 2017 103 min.

Harried single mom Fortunata wants to rid herself of an abusive husband, a stressful life in Rome and demons from her past. Her big dream is to open her own beauty salon—but she's not quite as lucky as her name implies. Jasmine Trinca earned kudos at Cannes as the heroine of this Italian melodrama.

Futures Past
USA 2016 89 min.

Jordan Melamed set out to chronicle the demise of open outcry—the tradition among commodity traders of verbal orders—in the digital age. But strained relations with his father Leo, a finance-industry legend, led to a fascinating parallel documentary about reconciliation, in business and in life.

Taiwan 2016 111 min.

In this hybrid buddy comedy–gangster flick from Taiwan, Na Dow is hired by mob boss Ah Bao as a drug mule. On one fateful trip by taxi with Old Xu—a cabbie who won't stop talking about the meaning of life—the job takes a turn for the worse, and the mismatched duo must rely on each other to survive.

Golden Exits
USA 2017 94 min.

With a sharp ensemble cast including Emily Browning, Mary-Louise Parker, Jason Schwartzman, Chloë Sevigny and the Beastie Boys’ Adam Horovitz, writer-director Alex Ross Perry (The Color Wheel, SDFF34) plumbs the depths of modern domestic despair in all its dark comedy.

Iceland 2016 129 min.

Thor and Kristjan negotiate the turmoil of adolescence in this emotional coming-of-age drama set in rural Iceland, where the boys' friendship is sorely tested when one discovers the other's true feelings about him. The young cast delivers compelling performances amid landscapes of harsh majesty.

Turkey 2017 82 min.

Years after witnessing her mother kill her father and sister, Holly tries to live a normal life despite horrific nightmares. But when she meets a charismatic New Age guru, she finds her dreams blurring with her reality in Can Evrenol’s mind-bending, over-the-top homage to Italian pulp horror.

I Was a Dreamer
Italy 2017 97 min.

After eight years in prison, Mirko returns home to Rome, where he's tempted to resume his criminal past—but a community organizer has other plans for him. This captivating character study examining one man's search for redemption was based on the real-life experiences of lead actor Mirko Frezza.

I'm a Killer
Poland 2016 117 min.

Based on real-life events in 1970s Poland, this absorbing psychological drama follows Janusz, a politically vulnerable detective who fears he has arrested the wrong man for the deadly crimes of the "Vampire of Zaglebie.” As the career pressures build, will he have the courage to do the right thing?

I'm in Here
USA 2017 12 min.

When a man finds a family of strangers in his house who claim to have bought the place, he agrees to let them stay until they can get to the bottom of the mix-up. They never leave.

In Syria
Belgium 2017 85 min.

The reality of everyday experience for a civilian in the war zone of modern-day Damascus is explored in visceral detail in this riveting slice-of-life drama, which won of the Panorama Audience Award at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival.

In the Blood
Denmark 2016 114 min.

Set over the course of a summer in Copenhagen, this moody coming-of-age tale from Rasmus Heisterberg follows four 20-somethings who drink, take drugs and rave together, heeding their mantra that responsibility is overrated. But the passage into adulthood is as inevitable as it is undesirable.

In the Fade
Germany 2017 106 min.

After her husband and child are killed in a bomb attack, Katja's mourning process is made all the harder by the trial of the two neo-Nazi suspects: though she teeters on the edge of sanity, she wants justice. Diane Kruger won Best Actress at Cannes this year for her role in this raw, gripping drama.

The Incident
Lebanon 2017 22 min.

At a bus stop near Beirut, a veiled Muslim woman and a migrant Syrian worker get in a scuffle and are arrested. They must argue their innocence in the face of the only witnesses: a bus full of women on their way to the mosque, each with her own version of the truth.

Ismael's Ghosts
France 2017 114 min.

Mathieu Amalric, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Marion Cotillard star in this meta–romantic thriller from France about a filmmaker caught in a triangle between his current love and a woman from his past—who happens to have been presumed dead for 20 years.

Joyeux Noël
France 2005 116 min.

As World War I rages across the European countryside, four individuals stuck on the front lines find themselves faced with the unthinkable in director Christian Carion's account of the real-life wartime event that would offer hope for peace in mankind's darkest hour.

Last Flag Flying
USA 2017 124 min.

Thirty years after their tour of Vietnam, three vets—Steve Carell as "Doc," Bryan Cranston and Laurence Fishburne—reunite for a new mission: to bury Doc’s son, a Marine killed in Iraq. Along the way, they wrestle with the impact war has had on their lives in Richard Linklater’s poignant road movie.

The Leisure Seeker
Italy 2017 112 min.

From acclaimed Italian filmmaker Paolo Virzì, this new take on an old genre—the road movie—stars Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland as a runaway couple on an unforgettable journey to recapture their passion for life and their love for each other in the faithful old RV they call the Leisure Seeker.

Little Rose
Poland 2010 118 min.

In 1960s Poland, against a backdrop of anti-Semitism, a beautiful young woman is recruited by her lover, a secret service agent, to woo a famous writer in order to expose his Jewish identity. But the more this reluctant informant learns about her mark, the more the plan spins out of control.

Los Olvidados
Mexico 1950 85 min.

This 1950 classic from famed Spanish Surrealist Luis Buñuel—screening as part of a three-film retrospective of great Mexican cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa—tells the story of a gang of slum kids who become delinquents as a defense against poverty and the cruelty of life on the city streets.

Loving Pia
Denmark 2017 99 min.

With unadorned candor, this elegiac work of docufiction focuses on an elderly woman, Guittou, who cares for her 60-year-old mentally disabled daughter. When she dies, what will happen to Pia? Pia has an idea: for the first time in her life, she will find herself a man.

Mexico 1960 91 min.

In this comitragic 1960 folk tale from Mexico—screening as part of a three-film retrospective of the great Mexican cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa—a peasant named Macario is granted the power to heal the sick by Death in the flesh. But there’s a catch that could itself prove fatal.

María Candelaria
Mexico 1944 102 min.

This Mexican melodrama from 1944—screening as part of a three-film retrospective of the great Mexican cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa—follows a poor couple as they endure the trials and tribulations of life in a prejudicial and greedy world. Dolores del Río stars.

DFF 40 Big Night Presentation: Molly's Game
USA 2017 140 min.

Written and directed with pizzazz by the inimitable Aaron Sorkin, this drama is based on the true story of Molly Bloom, a Colorado-bred Olympic-class skier who ran a high-stakes poker game for the rich and famous until the FBI caught up with her. To join the Wish of a Lifetime after party pur

Your search by 'Drama' identified 91 films

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