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Corniche Kennedy
France 2016 94 min.

Marseilles makes a fittingly edgy backdrop for this French drama of first love careening toward danger. When a shy girl starts hanging out with the cool kids down by the shore, she delights in discovering lives so different from her own. Then the harsh realities of race and class begin to intrude.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
France 2007 112 min.

After a stroke rendered him mute and almost totally paralyzed in 1995, magazine editor Jean-Dominique Bauby composed his memoirs—which he dictated by blinking his left eye. Mathieu Amalric stars in Julian Schnabel’s acclaimed, heart-rending and inspiring adaptation of Bauby's autobiography.

France 2017 117 min.

This dramatic biopic explores a remarkable year in the life of jazz virtuoso Django Reinhardt—when he defied Nazi orders and fled to the Swiss border, joining other refugees from the Holocaust. Even as his music exhilarates, his plight raises questions about artists’ moral obligation to society.

Faces Places
France 2017 90 min.

At 89, French New Wave auteur Agnès Varda teamed up with acclaimed 33-year-old photographer JR to co-direct this enchanting documentary-meets-road movie. Traveling around France in JR’s truck to capture the locals they meet along the way, they reveal the humanity in their subjects—and themselves.

France 2017 123 min.

Félicité’s life is upended when her son is badly injured in an accident. Needing money to save him, she sets out on a breakneck race through the streets of electric Kinshasa in Franco-Senegalese filmmaker Alain Gomis’s fierce, music-filled drama, winner of the Silver Bear at this year’s Berlinale.

Ismael's Ghosts
France 2017 114 min.

Mathieu Amalric, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Marion Cotillard star in this meta–romantic thriller from France about a filmmaker caught in a triangle between his current love and a woman from his past—who happens to have been presumed dead for 20 years.

Joyeux Noël
France 2005 116 min.

As World War I rages across the European countryside, four individuals stuck on the front lines find themselves faced with the unthinkable in director Christian Carion's account of the real-life wartime event that would offer hope for peace in mankind's darkest hour.

La Chica - Be Able
France 2017 3 min.

After the dreamy and luxurious music video “Oasis,” Temple Caché and La Chica are back with this bittersweet, paper-cut bit of delirium about our media-driven, consumerist society.

Let the Corpses Tan
France 2017 90 min.

In this stylishly lurid neo-Western set on the sun-drenched Mediterranean by cult directors Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani (The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears), a trunkload of stolen gold serves as the catalyst for a showdown between thieves, cops and anyone caught in the crossfire.

Let the Sun Shine In
France 2017 94 min.

From renowned French director Claire Denis comes this unconventional, moody and wistful romantic comedy starring Juliette Binoche as a recently divorced, 50-something Parisian artist looking for love in all the wrong places.

The Pocket Man
France 2016 7 min.

Good things come in all sizes and packages—especially the pocket man, whose kindness abounds.

Polo & Pan - Coeur Croisé
France 2017 4 min.

An oh-so-French sendup of the '60s—ooh la la!

Rive - Justice
France 2017 3 min.

It begins in a retro-futuristic, black-and-white urban jungle, where people are slowly being dehumanized—until two outstretched hands plunge them into colorful Nature.

Stone Soup
France 2015 7 min.

Times are tough in one little town: first no food, now no electricity. But eventually, the transformative power of community will nourish all, in more ways than one.

Thirst Street
France 2017 83 min.

While on layover in Paris, a lonely American flight attendant has a rendezvous with a seedy nightclub bartender and becomes tangled in a web of confusion, masochism & unrequited amour fou in this homage to the erotic dramas of 1970s Europe from returning fest guest Nathan Silver.

Three Colors: Blue
France 1993 98 min.

Julie's world is destroyed when her family is killed in a car crash. In her anguish and guilt, she leaves her old life behind to inhabit a kind of living death. But she finds she cannot so easily withdraw from the world in Polish auteur Krzysztof Kieslowski's 1993 classic starring Juliette Binoche.

Until the Birds Return
France 2017 113 min.

Algeria’s past and present collide in the lives of a beleaguered property developer, an ambitious neurologist plagued by wartime secrets and a young woman torn between destiny and desire in this character-driven drama, which offers a compelling glimpse into the soul of a contemporary Arab society.

Wicked Girl
France 2017 8 min.

S. is an eight-year-old Turkish girl with a vivid imagination and a love of nature and animals. From her hospital bed, she looks back on happy times spent in her grandparents' village. But some dark and terrifying memories also emerge.

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