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Earlier this year we began what we believe will be a long-running program based on its popularity so far: Culinary Cinema. Developed in partnership with the Colorado Restaurant Association, this series serves up not only food-focused films but receptions, Q&As and other attendant events that reflect the topics onscreen. We’ve scheduled two cuisine-centric evenings for DFF39 that are not to be missed.

AARP Life Reimagined
90 min.

Life Reimagined is to help individuals discover their true purpose. The Checkup may help individuals discover confidence to make their next step the right step. The Checkup was designed to inspire and energize attendees as they begin to turn their possibilities into realities.

Art vs. the Artist
90 min.

Earlier this year, filmmaker Nate Parker became bigger news than Birth of a Nation, his own widely acclaimed feature debut, when it was revealed he had been acquitted of a rape charge in college. Parker is only the latest in a string of artists whose lives have overshadowed their oeuvres.

Bold Producing
90 min.

The role of the independent film producer is to champion the vision of the artist and oversee the varied intricacies of bringing that vision to life. From managing the financing and sales of a film to supporting the casting and production, a successful film cannot be made without a savvy producer.

Ignite the Fire: Indie Film PR and Marketing
90 min.

So you have successfully completed your film. How do you bring it to market and secure distribution? A savvy marketing and PR plan is essential to the life of any independent film. Join publicist Adam Kersh and filmmaker Mike Ott for an in-depth conversation about their careers.

Interactive SeriesJam and Panel
60 min.

Back in June, SeriesFest and Interlude joined forces to redefine the concept of digital storytelling during an intensive a two-day hackathon. Six local teams competed to create the next great interactive series; two were awarded cash prizes to fund three episodes of their projects.

Internet Killed the Video Star Panel
90 min.

MTV may now be a reality-television channel, but music videos are more popular than ever, having found a new home online—and on the festival circuit. For the past three years, the Denver Film Festival has showcased many of the best of them, along with their talented creators, through its Music Video

New Avenues of Distribution Presented by Comcast
90 min.

On what seems a daily basis, new outlets for cinema are proliferating. Sure, the multiplex is still king, but the four walls of traditional theaters continue to be assaulted by all manner of innovation.

Politics in Television Presented by SeriesFest
90 min.

With the election right around the corner, it’s often hard to tell where politics end and entertainment begins. Join us and Governor John Hickenlooper as we discuss how politics influences television, both in fictional series and throughout the daily news cycle.

The State Of The State: Filmmaking In Colorado
90 min.

Jane Fonda and Robert Redford were here. Same goes for Quentin Tarantino and a variety of other high-profile filmmakers who have found their way to the Rockies. Led by moderator Robert Denerstein, our panel will examine the state of cinema in Colorado, whether by local or visiting artists.

Storytellers' Workshop
90 min.

Led by Diane Bell and Chris Byrne, the Sundance Award–winning team behind Obselidia, this class invites aspiring and emerging actors, writers and filmmakers to take an in-depth look at the indie-film model.

These Things Matter Podcast
90 min.

These Things Matter is the brainchild of stand-up comedian Kevin O’Brien and former theatrical director— and future DJ to the stars—Taylor Gonda. Their popular podcast is built on the concept of High Fidelityism, which holds that pop culture can change your life.

Women+Film Panel: Actresses Playing Actresses
90 min.

Join Elisabeth Subrin—director of A Woman, A Part and editor of the feminist blog Who Cares About Actresses—and actress Lindsay Burdge (Actor Martinez) as they discuss the challenges and rewards of creating meta-acting characters.

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