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A celebration of classic cinema featuring anniversary, in memoriam, and tribute screenings.

The Fairy
France 2011 94 min.

Featuring slapstick and sparse dialogue, this engaging frolic stylistically resembles the greats of the silent-film era. Dom, a hotel night clerk, finds himself granted three wishes by newly arrived guest Fiona, a self-proclaimed fairy. He asks for a scooter and enough petrol for life—but then what?

Belgium 2008 77 min.

Amnesia, amputation and attempted suicide become the stuff of laughter throughout this nearly unclassifiable, dark pop-art comedy—in which a ballroom-dancing couple finds their lives turned almost literally upside down after a terrible car accident.

The Search for Emak Bakia
Spain 2012 84 min.

This endlessly enchanting experimental doc seeks an answer to the origins of Man Ray’s mysterious 1926 Basque-language film. Oskar Alegria’s fascinating investigation uncovers an incidentally connected cast of real-world Romanian princesses and immortal clowns.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
USA 1966 131 min.

Nominated for 13 Academy Awards after its release in 1966, Edward Albee's astounding journey into the hell of a stormy marriage blazes with powerhouse performances by Elizabeth Taylor and Sandy Dennis (both of whom won Oscars) as well as Richard Burton and George Segal (both of whom were nominees).

Young Frankenstein
USA 1974 106 min.

In Mel Brooks’s laugh-a-minute spoof of Mary Shelley's Gothic classic—starring the comedy dream team of Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn and Marty Feldman—Dr. Frederick Frankenstein has spent his life living down the legend of his grandfather.

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