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Late Night Showcase

Experience the dark side of cinema with the Denver Film Festival’s Late Night Showcase. This year we highlight nine titles from around the world that feature psychotic killers, haunted houses, hardcore martial arts and erotica. A mix of cult flicks and arthouse shockers will keep the adrenaline pumping well after midnight.

The Eyes of My Mother
USA 2016 76 min.

ENDS THURSDAY 12/15/16 at the Sie FilmCenter.

Another Evil
USA 2016 90 min.

When Dan and Mary discover their vacation home is haunted, Dan hires an exorcist. But after a week of booze-fueled ghost hunting with his increasingly unhinged spirit whisperer, Dan discovers that ridding his house of evil won’t be as easy as he had hoped in this darkly comic horror flick.

A Dark Song
Ireland 2016 99 min.

Desperate to speak with her dead child, the grieving mother at the center of this Irish fright fest hires a reluctant and unbalanced occultist. As the two seclude themselves in a countryside home, the rituals they practice to summon angels and demons become traps from which they cannot escape.

Indonesia 2016 117 min.


The Love Witch
USA 2016 120 min.

OPENS Friday, November 18th exclusively at the Sie FilmCenter.

Psycho Raman
India 2016 133 min.

A charismatic serial killer and a strung-out cop discover their similarities in this murderous Indian thriller set in present-day Mumbai, where blood, sex, drugs and pop music keep the plot twisting and turning.

Red Christmas
Australia 2016 83 min.

MUST END Thursday, October 12th!

Terror 5
Argentina 2016 78 min.

After tragedy strikes an Argentinian town, leaving 15 dead, the few residents who do not take part in the last rites ceremony meet their own fate. In this brutal revision of urban legend, five different stories of lust, bloodshed, corruption and horror collide over the course of one night.

We Are the Flesh
Mexico 2016 79 min.

ENDS THURSDAY 1/26/2017.

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