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As a nod to the popularity of one of our newest mini-festivals, CineLatino, the DFF programming team has assembled some of the year’s most anticipated films from Mexico and South America. Celebrate the diversity of Latino culture as you dip your toes into the warm cinematic currents coming from the south.

Un Cuento de Circo & A Love Song
USA 2016 114 min.

Oscar-nominated actor Demian Bichir's directorial debut centers on Refugio, a young man born in the circus, who journeys from Mexico to New Orleans in search of his lost love. Bichir also stars, along with Jason Patric and Eva Longoria.

Farewell Ferris Wheel
USA 2016 70 min.

This insightful documentary examines the complex personal and political issues affecting carnival workers on visa in the US. From the hardships they endure to the battles being fought in Congress to protect them, it explores the age-old conflict between workers’ rights and economic imperatives.

Incident Light
Argentina 2015 95 min.

With two daughters to care for, Luisa struggles to pull her life back together following the death of her husband and brother. Enter Ernesto, a wealthy suitor with unclear intentions but plenty of charm, in this beautifully shot black-and-white portrait of 1960s Argentina.

Lupe Under the Sun
Mexico 2016 78 min.

Set in California’s sun-drenched Central Valley and inspired by the story of writer-director Rodrigo Reyes’s own grandfather, this poetic yet realistic portrait of a Mexican farmworker whose life is falling apart sheds a timely light on the lonely struggles of immigrants caught between two worlds.

Point Zero
Brazil 2015 84 min.

Bullied and withdrawn, 15-year-old Enio bears the brunt of his parents’ dissolving marriage. Torn between them and filled with his own confusing desires, Enio steals his father’s car and sets out to find love and understanding in a world seemingly devoid of both in this striking Brazilian drama.

Terror 5
Argentina 2016 78 min.

After tragedy strikes an Argentinian town, leaving 15 dead, the few residents who do not take part in the last rites ceremony meet their own fate. In this brutal revision of urban legend, five different stories of lust, bloodshed, corruption and horror collide over the course of one night.

Visitor's Day
Mexico 2016 75 min.

This inspiring documentary follows Juan Carlos, a teenager who has gone from the streets to IPODERAC—a unique boys’ home in Mexico that offers its residents structure for the first time in their lives as they receive therapy and form a strong brotherhood, all while learning to make goat cheese.

Mexico 2015 92 min.

Before Mr. Lino retires from his warehouse job of 39 years, he must train young Nin on the finer points of the position. But the yawning generation gap between them appears at every turn of this absurdist Mexican dramedy.

We Are the Flesh
Mexico 2016 79 min.

ENDS THURSDAY 1/26/2017.

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