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Women+Film is a year-round partnership between the Denver Film Society and the Women+Film organization, formed not only to celebrate the art and achievements of women filmmakers around the world, but also to bring together an array of scholars, civil- and human- rights advocates, community leaders, and concerned members of the public to shine a spotlight on social issues through cinema and the dialogue it stimulates.

The Eagle Huntress
United Kingdom 2016 87 min.

Set against the breathtaking expanse of the Mongolian steppe, this awe-inspiring documentary follows 13-year-old Aisholopan as she trains to become the first female in twelve generations of her Kazakh family to hunt eagles, a tradition that has been handed down from father to son for centuries.

Franca: Chaos and Creation
USA 2016 80 min.

Made by her son, this engrossing documentary makes sense of Franca Sozzani’s life and work as the controversial editor of Vogue Italia. Pithy commentary from Karl Lagerfeld, Baz Luhrmann and others punctuates the conversations between the filmmaker and his mother.

Incident Light
Argentina 2015 95 min.

With two daughters to care for, Luisa struggles to pull her life back together following the death of her husband and brother. Enter Ernesto, a wealthy suitor with unclear intentions but plenty of charm, in this beautifully shot black-and-white portrait of 1960s Argentina.

USA 2016 90 min.

Shot in Jackson, Mississippi, this gripping documentary delves into the conflict between religious freedom and reproductive rights in the Deep South. As the last-standing abortion clinic in the state is threatened with closure, leaders of the pro-life and pro-choice movements come to a head.

USA 2016 84 min.

ENDS THURSDAY 3/30/2017.

Mom and Me
USA 2016 76 min.

The men of Oklahoma have been called the manliest in the country, but they owe all their strength to their mothers. Take a heartfelt journey with talk-radio personality Joe Cristiano as he investigates the relationships his callers have with their moms, whether they’re playing chess or shooting guns

Ovarian Psycos
USA 2016 72 min.

A group of brave women of color from east Los Angeles form the heart and soul of this powerful documentary about an all-female cycling brigade. Called the Ovarian Psycos, these women take back the night, supporting each other as they attempt to heal themselves and their community.

A Woman, A Part
USA 2016 98 min.

Facing a midlife crisis, TV star Anna Baskin (Mad Men’s Maggie Siff) escapes Los Angeles and returns to Brooklyn in hopes of ditching her on-air persona and finding herself. A reunion with old theater partners who never made it big opens doors—and wounds—in this poignant modern drama.

Women+Film Panel: Actresses Playing Actresses
90 min.

Join Elisabeth Subrin—director of A Woman, A Part and editor of the feminist blog Who Cares About Actresses—and actress Lindsay Burdge (Actor Martinez) as they discuss the challenges and rewards of creating meta-acting characters.

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