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Spotlight on Colorado

Ever-more diverse and collaborative, Colorado’s filmmaking scene continues to grow, producing an increasing number of films that screen not only in film festivals but theatrically around the country. DFF39 features a whole host of locally produced feature-length films, shorts, and music videos.

Actor Martinez
USA 2016 75 min.

ENDS THURSDAY 12/15/16 at the Sie FilmCenter.

Acoustic Ninja
USA 2016 8 min.

Trace Bundy, known to his fans as the Acoustic Ninja, has never been interested in the fame and glamour offered by the mainstream music industry. Yet the self-represented Louisville, Colorado, resident has managed to acquire international acclaim and tour frequently.

Dog Power
USA 2016 34 min.

Dog Power gives you an introduction to the world’s fastest sprint sled dogs, their human teammates and the incredible variety of sports man’s best friends are involved in.

USA 2016 9 min.

At the ripe age of 90, Yvonne has yet to retire from her ice-skating career. Arguably the world's oldest ice skater, she is still at the rink five days a week.

Elephant Revival - Petals
USA 2016 3 min.

Animator and DFF alumna Laura Goldhamer returns with her patented whimsical style to feature one of Colorado’s top bands.

USA 2016 7 min.

An old man is given the gift of ultimate knowledge—but has no way to communicate it.

USA 2016 18 min.

A boy named Sonny and a woman named Emma struggle separately to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Emma suggests they travel together to seek out someone who may be able to help them.

Growing Up Coy
USA 2016 82 min.

Meet the Mathises, a Colorado family whose four-year-old child self-identifies as a girl. When Coy is forced to use the boys’ bathroom at school, they’re spurred to take legal action. This documentary follows their struggle all the way to the Supreme Court.

Happy F-ing Valentine's Day!
USA 2016 14 min.

Everyone’s least favorite holiday provides the backdrop for this comedy short, which asks the question: how can an attempt to do something so good turn out so f-ing wrong?

USA 2016 6 min.

Host Zachny Filltoms-Onalo shows you how to set up a turntable.

JonBenet's Tricycle
USA 2016 10 min.

A man who collects almost everything decides what to do with one of his eeriest acquisitions.

The Journey Is the Destination
USA 2016 4 min.

Artist and elementary-school teacher Barth Quenzer weighs the values of imagination and storytelling by looking backward at the creative process.

Kickass Katie Lee
USA 2016 10 min.

Meet Katie Lee, the 96-year-old activist who opposed the Glen Canyon Dam and has forever been its immutable warrior and outspoken foe, in this uplifting short.

Less Than Angels
USA 2016 27 min.

Less Than Angels takes a look at the life of former Denver Film Festival portraitist Thomas Haller Buchanan, exploring the dichotomy between the realities of work as a commissioned artist and his dreams of renown as a fine artist.

USA 2016 11 min.

In 1960, two friends stumble into a diner full of code talkers. Can they figure out how to speak the language?

On the Tracks
USA 2016 14 min.

Thousands of people demonstrated against nuclear weapons at Colorado’s Rocky Flats in 1978. Hundreds were arrested during the eight-month-long occupation by Truth Force, with the likes of Allen Ginsberg blocking trains full of radioactive material—and Joe Daniel was there to photograph it all.

USA 2016 3 min.

Sometimes you have a reason to be afraid.

The Places We've Been Have Become All But Ghosts
USA 2016 8 min.

Two lovers eat, drink, get high and try to find out if there's anything left between them by searching in the places between words.

Rat Nest
USA 2016 10 min.

After leaving her lonely childhood behind, Charlie moves into her own apartment with her pet rat and stumbles upon a cast of quirky characters who become the unlikely members of her own rat’s nest.

USA 2016 8 min.

During a devastating drought, two sisters struggle to support their ailing mother after their monthly water deliveries are unexpectedly delayed.

Reengineering Sam
USA 2016 82 min.

Sam Schmidt always wanted to go bigger and faster. His love of Indy car racing left him a quadriplegic, but he never pumped the brakes on his passion for life—and now he’s intent on gaining mobility through technology in this uplifting documentary produced by longtime festival guest Daniel Junge.

Scatter Gather - What More?
USA 2016 4 min.

Some head-spinning animation with mouth lasers.

A Song for the Living
USA 2016 77 min.

In a secluded mountain town, a young train engineer who has just lost his mother to suicide falls for a mysterious mortician. What starts as magnetic attraction becomes something much darker in this poetic tale of heartbreak and betrayal, beautifully shot in and around Central City, Colorado.

USA 2016 13 min.

An astronaut who crash-lands on a planet far from home looks back at her life on earth with her husband.

Valley Maker - Oh Lightning
USA 2016 3 min.

DFF alum Joseph Kolean presents a visual nature poem.

USA 2016 6 min.

A woman living in a fantasy world must decide whether to give up her dreams forever or risk death in the winner of this year’s 48-Hour Film Project.

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