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Queer voices. Queer visions. Queer lives. Experience the best in films that reveal the LGBTQ rainbow from every angle with the DFF39 CinemaQ program.

Check It
USA 2016 91 min.

In 2009, three gay African-American teens started a gang to defend themselves from bullying. Today the gang called Check It is over 200 strong. This passionate documentary reveals the fabulous and fierce members of the group as they learn to channel their aggression in a more positive direction.

Growing Up Coy
USA 2016 82 min.

Meet the Mathises, a Colorado family whose four-year-old child self-identifies as a girl. When Coy is forced to use the boys’ bathroom at school, they’re spurred to take legal action. This documentary follows their struggle all the way to the Supreme Court.

The Queen of Ireland
Ireland 2015 86 min.

Outrageous, heartbreaking and ultimately winning, Conor Horgan’s documentary reveals how Ireland’s most famous drag queen, Panti Bliss, came into being, took on her country’s homophobic establishment and helped usher in the passing of the country’s historic referendum on gay marriage.

Staying Vertical
France 2016 100 min.

ENDS THURSDAY 3/16/2017.

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