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Creative Conversation

Go beyond the screen with these in depth discussions, panels, spoken word performances and interactive experiences. All happening at the Festival Annex.

303 Music Video Panel
60 min.

Co-hosted by 303 Magazine’s music desk, this panel will bring together local and national filmmakers who specialize in music-video production for a night of conversation. We’ll touch upon the collaborative and experiential nature of an often overlooked form of filmmaking.

After Parkland: Documentaries as Difference Makers
60 min.

It began with Columbine—but, tragically, it didn’t end there. We’re talking about school shootings. Built around the DFF42 documentary After Parkland, this panel will pose a difficult question: Can films that deal with school shootings really make a difference?

Awards Brunch
120 min.

Come mingle with filmmakers, festival insiders, and fellow lovers of movies, mimosas, and Bloody Marys at the Denver Film Festival Awards Brunch, a sit-down affair at the Festival Annex that will include the announcement of this year’s award winners.

Claiming a Place on the Podium
60 min.

In honor of DFF42 film The Conductor, this panel will examine the life of Antonia Brico, who pursued a landmark career as a conductor at a time when the music world was a well-defended male preserve.

Coalition Against Global Genocide - Slavery and the Making of America
180 min.

In recognition of the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first Africans to be sold into bondage on North American shores, the Coalition Against Global Genocide will present a special screening of Slavery and the Making of America by award-winning filmmaker Dante J. James.

Colorado Dragon Film Festival: Modernity and Tradition Meets Environmental Sustainability
60 min.

In the modern technological world, are we losing our connection to our traditions and to nature? Join the Colorado Dragon Film Festival and guest panelists as we discuss what is valuable in our lives, our relationships, and the world around us.

D-phi Panel: Divine Love
60 min.

Divine Love depicts a futuristic surveillance state in which piety and eroticism are synonymous. Join a group of scholars—from philosophers to political scientists—as they explore the relationship between sex and the sacred in Gabriel Mascaro’s provocative “disco-dystopian” drama.

D-phi Panel: Zumiriki
60 min.

Nietzsche famously asked how we would conduct ourselves in life if we had to live it over and over again. In Zumiriki, Spanish filmmaker Oskar Alegria tries to repeat the past by returning to the site of his childhood memories.

House of Pod Workshop
120 min.

Do you dream of launching the next Filmspotting, You Must Remember This, or How Did This Get Made? Local podcast-incubation hub House of Pod is here to help, offering a free introductory class in celebration of DFF42.

In Conversation with Jenny Weinbloom - Meow Wolf
60 min.

Join Jenny Weinbloom, Executive Producer for Meow Wolf for their flagship permanent exhibition, opening in Denver in 2021, for a conversation about all things immersive theatre, her wide-ranging career, and Meow Wolf coming to Denver.

Lighthouse Writers Workshop Book to Film
60 min.

Join Lighthouse Writers Workshop faculty members Diane Bell and Steven Dunn for a discussion of the film adaptation of In the Time of the Butterflies. Our panel will examine the experience of adapting novels into screenplays and the varied approaches that writers take to the process.

Music on Film Panel Presented by the Colorado Film & Video Association
60 min.

This enlightening panel will bring together some leading industry lights to discuss the art of film scoring, including Heather Guibert, Francium Entertainment; Loretta Munoz, ASCAP; Jonathan Palmer, BMG; Dava Whisenant, Bathtubs Over Broadway; and Dan Wilcox, Deep End Music Services.

Outdoor Channel Panel
60 min.

Don’t miss popular TV hosts Nick Hoffman of Nick’s Wild Ride and Scott Leysath of Dead Meat. They’ll entertain you with stories of how they got involved in the outdoor industry.

Shakespearean Star Wars
60 min.

The Cinematic Shakespeare Company is back to put its comedic stamp on the last installment of the original Star Wars trilogy: The Jedi Doth Return! Join Denver's finest Shakespearean actors as they bring to life the epic conclusion to the story you know and love. Star Wars Shakespeare has been packi

Virtual Reality in Pediatric Health Care
60 min.

Extended stays, painful procedures, difficult diagnoses: Patients in hospitals around the world face such hardships daily. But what if virtual reality (VR) could help? We will explore the potential VR holds for the well-being of the hospitalized patient in our pediatric health-care system.

What's Next: The Future Of Immersive Reality
60 min.

Virtual reality has entered an era of unprecedented experimentation. Join the artists at the forefront of its evolution as they discuss their techniques, philosophies, and approaches to interactive storytelling.

Women+Film Luncheon+Panel
120 min.

Women+Film showcases documentaries, narratives, and short films by and about women. Come celebrate women-centric programming at our enlightening onstage panel discussion with female filmmakers, accompanied by lunch.

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