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Russia 2018 3 min.

Checkers may seem a game of child’s play, but can a losing cat nab a comeback?

Acid Rain
Poland 2019 26 min.

Somewhere in Eastern Europe, Young runs away from her depressing hometown. That’s how she meets Skinny, who lives in a camper and breaks the law. Their journey leads them in eerie directions.

Alef b'Tamuz
Israel 2018 6 min.

Three destitute pilgrims experience a strange night in the old Jewish cemetery in Zefat, where they are possessed by souls from the 16th century. Based loosely on real-life characters, this short is a combination of 2D animation with documentary footage and sound.

USA 2019 29 min.

Rooted in New Orleans, this modern-day silent film challenges the idea of Black cinema as a new wave or movement, proposing instead a continuous thread of achievement.

An Evening with Vincent Grenier
90 min.

Vincent Grenier will be presented with the 2019 Stan Brakhage Vision Award at 7:00pm on Sunday, November 3, at the Sie FilmCenter. A reception follows in his honor.

And Then The Bear
France 2019 14 min.

That very night, houses will burn. Men and women will tremble. Hordes of children will come together and howl as they dance alone on the ashes like wild bears. It only takes one shout to wake them all from their slumber!

Austria 2018 7 min.

Animistica, forages around the borderlands of the horror genre. Immerse yourself in the darkness, revel in its creepiness, and celebrate the splendor of decay.

Armoire (2 parts)
USA 2009 6 min.

A bird loops with unmasked mirror apprehended by camera in flight.

As Up To Now
Hungary 2018 23 min.

Hope is what moves us forward. Margit and her daughter Judit become part of a hope-giving lie.

Syria 2019 13 min.

Ayman, a Syrian refugee in Lebanon, teaches his wife how to drive his precious car. But the lesson takes a wrong turn.

Belly Flop
South Africa 2018 5 min.

One girl is determined to make a very big splash, but will she have the buoyant courage to pull it off?

Brooklyn Breeze
Colombia 2017 4 min.

NYC’s biggest borough gets the Busby Berkeley treatment in this charmingly upbeat ode to industrial Brooklyn that will have you tapping your steel-capped toes!

Brazil 2019 12 min.

Through the use of various materials and techniques—watercolor, clay, datamosh—five women are represented by animators to highlight the perverse way in which society judges them over time.

USA 1975 5 min.

Catch is a fragmented observation on hidden reflective surfaces, the corner of a dormant television screen, a window…”—Mike Reynolds, Berkeley Barb

Russia 2017 5 min.

The (cat) power of the cosmos can fuel you once you connect your charger to the energy and yin-yang fusion of Catmos.

USA 2018 10 min.

David Nessl's dog had a dream and told him about it. He made a movie about that dream. This is that movie.

Civil War Surveillance Poems (Part 1)
USA 2019 15 min.

The first installment of a five-part project that contemplates a second American civil war via experimental and hybrid cinematic forms, incorporating call-in radio clips and 20 years of verité footage from the filmmaker’s archive.

The Clinic
USA 2018 16 min.

Amidst a devastating opioid epidemic, a free clinic operates a needle exchange in the shadows of Fresno, California.

The Coin
USA 2019 7 min.

In Chinese New Year tradition, finding a coin inside a dumpling means a blessed year ahead. A young woman loses the lucky coins she has been collecting since childhood on her journey to a new country. Her new life begins with a search to find them.

Color Study
USA 2000 4 min.

A humorous, digitally induced meditation on color, motion, and space from a few frames of a roadside fall panorama in upstate New York.

Colorado Documentary Shorts
119 min.

This package of short films showcases Colorado's homegrown talent.

Colorado Narrative Shorts
97 min.

This package of short films showcases Colorado's homegrown talent.

Crowley - Cowboy Up
Germany 2018 15 min.

Crowley is only 14, but he’s almost a real cowboy. He rides, mends fences, shoots, and cleans stables; now he only has to follow in his big brother’s footsteps by participating in a rodeo.

Crude Oil
USA 2019 15 min.

Jenny breaks free from a toxic friendship and learns to harness her magical, albeit useless, superpower.

Peru 2019 16 min.

An alternate state of consciousness is induced in a bitter little girl by her maid so that she can confront and, hopefully, overcome her deepest fears.

USA 2018 15 min.

An epidemic has swept through a small beach community, plaguing its residents with exhausting, endless nights of compulsive dancing. When Marcos stumbles upon a cure, he intends on hoarding it for his family. But he quickly realizes that keeping it hush hush will be easier said than done.

Czech Republic 2019 15 min.

Should you hide your pain and longing? Or should you try to understand and forgive before it’s too late?

USA 2019 7 min.

A promising date hits an impasse when a young couple discovers an inconvenient truth.

Deep Tissue
USA 2019 9 min.

Two strangers meet under mysterious circumstances and discover they share a mutual fetish.

The Distance Between Us And The Sky
Greece 2019 9 min.

Two strangers meet at an old gas station at night. One of them is stranded. Lacking the money he needs to get home, he will try to sell the other the distance that separates them from the sky.

Canada 2019 4 min.

Trevor reflects on his fear of dating.

Dunya's Day
Saudi Arabia 2018 14 min.

Abandoned by her domestic help, Dunya fights to throw the perfect graduation soirée.

USA 1974 4 min.

A popular lesbian "commercial," 110 images of sensual touching montages in A, B, C, D rolls of "kinaesthetic" editing.

Easter Snap
USA 2019 14 min.

Filmmaker RaMell Ross joins five men in Alabama as they resurrect the homestead ritual of hog processing under the guidance of Johnny Blackmon.

Exit 12
USA 2019 23 min.

After two tours in Fallujah during the Iraq War, U.S. Marine Roman Baca came home a different person. To deal with his depression, anxiety, and anger, he turned to an unlikely comfort—ballet.

Norway 2019 11 min.

A man, a woman, and a meat grinder. Love is messy.

USA 2019 12 min.

A group of actors reflects on their most traumatic experiences. Then they take turns acting one another’s ordeals out.

A Field Guide To Being A 12-Year-Old Girl
Australia 2017 20 min.

Who doesn’t need A Field Guide to Being a 12-Year-Old Girl— whether you are, have been, or ever wanted to be one—in this wry comedy.

Film for Invisible Ink, Case No. 142: Abbreviation for Dead Winter [Diminished by 1,794]
USA 2008 13 min.

A single piece of paper, a second stab at suture, a story three times over, a frame for every mile. A long-distance dedication for a faraway friend halfway up the mountain, with words by Charles Darwin.

United Kingdom 2018 5 min.

Little ones are in charge and grown-ups get to play when the hilarious Flipped reworks the script.

For The Love Of Craft
USA 2018 25 min.

Follow the daring few who are willing to risk everything for the perfect pint.

The Ghost Behind
USA 2018 12 min.

Four friends. Many bands. Expectations. Addiction. Loss.

USA 2018 6 min.

A comically surreal vision of a family visiting a funeral home.

Hors Piste
France 2018 6 min.

Crevasse-kicking laughs are in store when an alpine ski rescue goes way, way off track.

Hot Dog
Germany 2019 6 min.

Hannah, in a love-hate relationship with her vagina, chronicles how her sexuality has changed over time—like that moment when she discovered the vibration function on her PlayStation controller.

How To Breathe In Kern County
USA 2019 9 min.

As the workday grinds to a halt, street racers gather on the backroads of Bakersfield to find catharsis.

USA 2018 11 min.

A dark comedy about a man who receives a mysterious proposition from his childhood crush.

Interieur Interiors (To AK)
USA 1978 15 min.

“Grenier’s great skill is that by means of shifts of focus, by subtly altering light level and shadow, by moving the camera axis, by playing upon grain, contrast, and surface texture, he can provoke constant mystery as to what exactly we’ve just seen, are seeing, will see next.”—Simon Field

USA 2017 7 min.

A pugilist-in-training, Jess has big boxing aspirations, while her father worries and supports her in one-two alternations of his own.

Just Between Us
USA 2018 13 min.

Seven Minutes in Heaven is a game teenagers have been playing since the 1950s. The rules are simple: By spinning a bottle or drawing names, two people are picked at random to spend seven minutes in a closet doing whatever they want, so long as it’s consensual.

Singapore 2019 6 min.

The quiet atmosphere of the forest is undisturbed until a man comes along. Seemingly lost, he observes and explores it before he starts to fall apart.

Switzerland 2018 7 min.

If you’ve ever been the youngest of the group, you’ll sympathize with the little tadpole who always falls a tad behind in the charming KUAP .

Lasting Marks
USA 2018 15 min.

In 1987, police in England acquired video of a group of men participating in consensual sadomasochistic sex acts. The tape launched one of the largest vice investigations in British history, code named Operation Spanner.

Les Chaises
USA 2008 9 min.

Two weather-worn red vinyl chairs stand as subjects and witnesses on an outdoor promontory oriented toward a “view.” The chairs themselves provide openings or internal views into color fields, their standard-issue upholstery serving as oval screens for the light projected through windswept leaves.

The Lost Ones
USA 2019 13 min.

Dwelling in a mausoleum of heartache, Kim has little left to do but celebrate Danny’s birthday one last time. But in the deep shadows of night, something that looks like Danny watches her every move.

The Love Bugs
USA 2019 33 min.

Over the course of 60 years, two married entomologists traveled to more than 67 countries and quietly amassed the world’s largest private collection of insects, with more than 1 million specimens. This humorous, poignant documentary explores the love of nature, and the nature of love.

Manila Is Full Of Men Named Boy
Philippines 2018 21 min.

As Michael Jackson’s televised funeral plays throughout The Philippines despite terrorist attacks in the south, an estranged son purchases a child who can drink and smoke to impress his father.

Mano A Mano
France 2018 23 min.

Abby and Luca, a couple of acrobatic artists, travel from stage to stage to perform. Their relationship is getting worse. During their camper trip, they will have to face their problems and try to regain confidence in one another.

Mi Abuelita
Guatemala 2018 2 min.

Like everything Abuelita does, her tamales are filled with love, especially when her granddaughter gets to help out in the kitchen.

Miller & Son
USA 2019 21 min.

A transwoman mechanic runs her family’s auto shop by day and expresses her femininity at night—until an unforeseen event threatens her delicate life balance.

The Minors
USA 2019 10 min.

A slice-of-life film about a grandpa and his grandsons, the future and the past.

Mogu & Perol
Japan 2018 9 min.

Whether their tastes lean umami or sweet, the duo here finds there is simply nothing more delish than a warm friendship.

USA 2018 4 min.

Movements give the appearance of someone struggling to break out of a cubical structure that transforms in shape and size—and may be more alive than the human inside.

South Korea 2019 10 min.

In the space of 10 minutes, the African baobab tree grows 0.008 millimeters, the greyhound can run 12 kilometers, and the earth travels 18,000 kilometers around the sun. Movements is a 10-minute animation drawn at the rate of two seconds per day.

USA 2019 14 min.

Two young dancers seek the truth after the mysterious disappearance of their mother.

Old Haunt
USA 2019 12 min.

A procrastinating writer stays in an Airbnb to get some work done, but after an unexpected visitor arrives, he finds himself in increasingly unsettling situations that he can’t explain.

One Hundred And Twenty Eight Thousand
Czech Republic 2018 16 min.

Right now, almost one in 10 Czechs over the age of 15 are facing some form of distraint, by which their property is seized to obtain money they owe. As more and more people fall into the debt trap, it is Karel’s job to collect.

USA 2019 37 min.

This short explores end-of-life care with Dr. Nadia Tremonti, a pediatric palliative-care specialist.

Pelourinho: They Don't Really Care About Us
Ghana 2019 9 min.

The starting point for this colorful film is a letter from human rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois to the American embassy in Brazil at a time when it was impossible for African Americans to travel there.

Pen License
Australia 2018 9 min.

Brushing up on penmanship is the name of the game if you want to graduate from pencils.

(people of) Water
USA 2019 23 min.

For thousands of years, outrigger canoes have connected diverse cultures around the world. Meet Rob Prechtl, a member of the U.S. Men’s Rafting team, as he embarks on a journey to learn the craft of outrigger paddling.

The Phantom 52
USA 2018 8 min.

Loneliness is a trucker who calls out on his CB radio, then waits for a reply that never comes; a ghost haunting deserted highways; and a whale that sings at a frequency no other whale can hear.

The Picture
USA 2019 10 min.

Thirty years ago, Beatrix Callow photographed Amanda Bleu, imbuing the image with feelings she dared not speak aloud. Now, Beatrix is older, but Amanda appears unchanged in this terrifying update of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Pig On The Hill
USA 2017 6 min.

Pig may be up high, but his nimble new neighbor, Duck, shows how the most important spot of all is one next to friends.

Please Speak Continuously And Describe Your Experiences As They Come To You
Canada 2018 10 min.

Emily is a patient at an experimental psychiatric facility, where a brain-implant prototype allows her to relive her dreams.

Plumb Line
USA 1972 18 min.

Edited from scrap diary footage shot in 8mm and hand-printed as 16mm, this is a moving and powerful chronicle of the breakup of a love relationship.

Preschool Poets
USA 2018 2 min.

Samuel serves up some poetic proclamations about life, as definitively drawn from the three-foot perspective.

Raccoon & The Light
USA 2018 4 min.

Nighttime is a breeze for a nocturnal creature, but a spotlight shines in more ways than one in this Student Academy Award-Winner.

United Kingdom 2018 8 min.

In a world where deer are the dominant species, one alpha male goes for an evening car ride and has an unfortunate accident in this stop motion–animated thriller.

Running Lights
Lithuania 2017 11 min.

A magical transfer of glowing energy and life is set into motion when one creature departs its earthly form.

Sahara Palace
France 2018 9 min.

Inside the Sahara Palace Hotel, silence, dereliction, and sand. In this fragile and out-of-time place, memories of an unknown grandfather appear.

USA 1990 19 min.

“Visually exquisite and replete with symbolic meaning…transform[ing] ‘found footage’—scientific X-ray films from the 1950s—into a lyrical journey…[and] a celebration of the body as temple.”—Jon Gartenberg, Assistant Curator of Film, Museum of Modern Art, New York

Saturday’s Apartment
South Korea 2018 7 min.

Banging, jumping, wailing, pounding—noisy neighbor mayhem rules the day until this ultimately loveable bunch of apartment dwellers find a way to hammer it out together.

She Runs
China 2019 20 min.

Junior-high student Yu tries to quit her school’s aerobic-dancing team.

Norway 2018 18 min.

Anarchy emerges at a public pool party when a group of little girls pushes the limits of their strength and power.

Shorts 1: Narrative
96 min.

A tailored collection of our favorite narrative shorts.

Shorts 2: Documentary
95 min.

A tailored collection of our favorite documentary shorts.

Shorts 3: Animation
91 min.

A tailored collection of our favorite animation shorts.

Shorts 4: Avant-Garde
93 min.

A tailored collection of our favorite avant-garde shorts.

Shorts 5: Late Night
93 min.

A tailored collection of our favorite late night shorts.

Slow Dance
Sweden 2018 6 min.

A middle school dance floor is the ultimate field of courage for our protagonist.

Slow Volumes
USA 2019 5 min.

A study of passing time. Shot with a hand-built camera, 35mm film is drawn past a thin vertical aperture, organizing the image temporally. Familiar objects dissolve into abstract lines unless in motion, their shape determined not by their physical features but in the speed of their movement.

France 2018 4 min.

Grandma’s table manners drive one boy bananas until he devises a clever fix.

Small Spark
France 2018 4 min.

You’ve heard of night owls and bookworms? Well both perfectly describe this mouse, who must find a way to continue his exciting bedtime reading when it’s lights out.

sometimes, i think about dying
USA 2019 12 min.

Fran is thinking about dying, but a man in the office might want to date her.

Somewhere Soft
Japan 2018 5 min.

Why does heartbreak hurt so much?

USA 2019 16 min.

After being paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident, Noreen receives an apology from Patrick, the driver at fault. But she has trouble accepting the events that led to the crash.

Stay Awake, Be Ready
Vietnam 2019 14 min.

A mysterious conversation unfolds between three young men on a street corner. Meanwhile, there’s a traffic accident on a motorbike.

USA 1993 2 min.

This hand-painted film has been photographically step-printed to achieve various effects—brief fades, fluidity of motion. Making partial use of repetition for a close-up of textures, the result suggests galactic forms in a space of stars.

Student Shorts: Animation Competition
74 min.

A tailored collection of our favorite student animated shorts from around the world.

Student Shorts: Domestic Competition
97 min.

A tailored collection of our favorite student shorts from the US.

Student Shorts: International Competition
87 min.

A tailored collection of our favorite student shorts from around the world.

Suicide By Sunlight
USA 2018 17 min.

Valentina, a black vampire protected from the sun by her melanin, is forced to restrain her bloodlust to regain custody of her estranged daughters.

France 2018 4 min.

After a failed experiment, a scientist finds himself sharing his body with 100 people and seeks to regain his individuality.

Tabula Rasa
USA 2004 7 min.

Filmed in a South Bronx high school, Tabula Rasa attempts to deal with the recorded image’s simultaneous eloquence and propensity to mislead through sound-image juxtapositions, digital manipulation, and layering.

USA 2019 6 min.

This tale of a dying relationship between a man and woman is an allegory of mankind’s relationship with the earth.

Throat Singing In Kangirsuk
Canada 2019 3 min.

Eva Kaukai and Manon Chamberland practice the Inuk art of throat singing in their small village of Kangirsuk. Their mesmerizing voices carry through the four seasons of their Arctic land.

To The Muse
USA 2019 16 min.

Gripped by fear yet led by the whisper of his muse, a young Cuban musician discovers the power of forgiveness as the key to his creative freedom.

USA 2018 7 min.

When a father meets his son’s girlfriend, he realizes she may be his illegitimate daughter.

USA 1984 13 min.

Tall buildings and cars are filmed through the Kinemacolor process, variable color filters, and a water lens. Sturdiness jousts with fragility, past with present, alienation with tenderness, abrasiveness with sensuality, red with green.

USA 2019 7 min.

An animated documentary exploring how the abusive relationship between the director’s parents shaped her own childhood experiences in a boarding school in China.

Under Covers
USA 2018 7 min.

On the night of a lunar eclipse, we uncover the sweet, salacious, and spooky secrets of a small town. From a pigtailed psychopath to naughty nuns and everything in between, this stop motion–animated film offers a comforting thought: Weird is relative.

Vessel (Part 1)
USA 2019 7 min.

Following a masked man as he battles to regain his identity, this film is the first installment in a three-part anthology exploring a specific theme within a supernatural landscape.

Vever (For Barbara)
Guatemala 2019 12 min.

Three filmmakers seek alternatives to power structures they’re inherently part of. This film grew out of projects abandoned by Maya Deren and Barbara Hammer; it’s shot at the furthest point of a motorcycle trip Hammer took to Guatemala in 1975.

USA 2013 12 min.

What was, what has become, what’s left, what’s new, what is, what is made up; what is lighted, reflected, hidden, made transparent, or unknown; different rates of changes, matter of various kinds—all are intent on affirming competing realities.

Wild Love
France 2018 7 min.

While on a romantic getaway, Alan and Beverly cause a fatal accident. Their crime won’t go unpunished.

Yes I Said Yes I Will Yes
USA 1993 3 min.

An exquisite, rarely screened film Phil Solomon made for his wife, on the occasion of their marriage.

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