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Music Video Mixtape

A sample of the best music videos from the past year. Featuring international, indie heavy weights, and local clips.

AJR - 100 Bad Days
USA 2019 3 min.

Maybe 100 bad days

Badbadnotgood - I Don't Know
USA 2019 4 min.

A meditation on loss and the journey towards progress.

Bishop Briggs - Baby
United Kingdom 2018 3 min.

Bishop and her boyfriend star in a trippy animated love story, exploring the obsessions and passions that help to define their relationship.

Common - Her Love
USA 2019 4 min.

Common’s relationship to hip hop is explored: the passion, the community, the dance, the rhythm, the clothing, the lifestyle, the culture.

Earl Sweatshirt - Nowhere, Nobody
USA 2019 8 min.

A reflection of Earl Sweatshirt’s life and perspective.

Ellie Goulding - Flux
United Kingdom 2019 4 min.

Purest states fall into sync with the resilience and strength of female expression.

Gallant - Sharpest Edges
USA 2019 4 min.

A foot-focused dance.

Gaz Coombes - Walk the Walk
USA 2018 4 min.

A poker game unfolds in a series of experimental video collages inspired by David Hockney’s “joiners.”

Holy Golden - Seven of Diamonds
France 2019 4 min.

“Seven of Diamonds” plays with time, art history, and the fantastical as various spirits of the Château de Fontainebleau come out to play before being locked back into the artwork they came from.

The Infamous Stringdusters - Rise Sun
USA 2019 4 min.

A stop motion trip through Colorado.

Itchy O - Saptaloka
USA 2019 4 min.

A classic cat-and-mouse story with abstract characters representing government and spirituality. They will be judged for their actions.

Julietta - Beach Break (Sofi Tukker Remix)
USA 2019 4 min.

A laundromat attendant is attacked by the store's leftover clothing.

Kayla Marque - Love Should Be
USA 2019 4 min.

Marque is transported out of the city into a spiritually fueled natural setting and explores self-love.

Keuning - Ruptured
USA 2019 3 min.

Dave Keuning performs to a split-screen dance-off.

King Princess - Cheap Queen
USA 2019 3 min.

Strange attractions to a sandwich and a television.

Kite Park - Bongo
Netherlands 2019 3 min.

To create a universe where the fear to connect with one another is eliminated—wouldn’t that be the ultimate goal?

Lauren Declasse - Evisu
USA 2019 4 min.

In one of the roughest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, a young, isolated boy uses his creativity to pass the time while daydreaming of a better life. All the while, a group of enigmatic “hood angels” plots a course toward the forgotten child.

Lucy Daydream - Red
USA 2019 4 min.

Lucy Daydream and Alpha 5 soar into space on a rocketship to find something new. Their journey into the unknown brings them face to face with a man from the stars.

Polyna - Complicated
Russia 2018 4 min.

Masked dancers move through an abandoned space.

Salvatore Ganacci - Horse
Sweden 2019 2 min.

An atypical family, consisting of both people and animals, has made abuse the center of its existence.

Sam Lynch - Off The Rails
Canada 2019 3 min.

A surreal ride aboard Sam Lynch’s train of thought, passing personal history, struggles with mental health, and relationships.

Sonia Barcelona - Violent Water
USA 2019 5 min.

Using hand-crafted props and costumes, this silent film–inspired music video tells the story of a French navy captain who discovers a wondrous underwater city—and the mermaid who must rescue him from the danger that awaits.

Valley Maker - Beautiful Birds Flying
USA 2018 4 min.

The inexplicable and supernatural haunt and transform vast wildernesses and intimate cityscapes.

Weval - Someday
2019 4 min.

An experiment in form, shape, and editing.

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