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Queer voices. Queer visions. Queer lives. Experience the best in films that reveal the LGBTQ rainbow from every angle with the DFF42 CinemaQ program.

Canada 2018 129 min.

Loss of innocence is at the heart of this spare yet wrenching coming-of-age drama from Québécois filmmaker Philippe Lesage about four teenagers discovering who they are through the exploration of who, and how, they love.

Knives and Skin
USA 2019 111 min.

While earning numerous comparisons to Twin Peaks and Heathers, this equally creepy and charming soap opera set in a suburban high school is an oddball delight in its own right—complete with jocks, cheerleaders, misfits, wayward moms, corpses, clowns, and of course an ’80s soundtrack.

Romania 2019 116 min.

There are no monsters here—just two well-meaning but complicated and conflicted individuals coming to terms with profound loss in this intricately etched, achingly beautiful portrait of a couple in crisis. Think Scenes from a Marriage set in modern-day Romania.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire
France 2019 119 min.

French writer/director Céline Sciamma won the Best Screenplay award at Cannes for this affecting, elegantly subversive period romance set in the 18th century, which follows artist Marianne on a delicate assignment: painting the wedding portrait of reluctant bride-to-be Héloïse.

Saint Frances
USA 2019 106 min.

Bridget decides that at the age of 34, it’s time to get her life together. But now that she’s dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, taking a new job as a nanny to precocious and difficult 6-year-old Frances isn’t going as she envisioned in this sweet comedy-drama that took home two awards at SXSW.

Show Me What You Got
USA 2019 101 min.

In this sultry and unconventional love story, an undeniable spark during a chance meeting leads Christine, Nassim, and Marcello to explore their sexuality together—even as they struggle separately to prove themselves to their families and the world around them.

So Pretty
USA 2019 83 min.

Combining narrative fiction with documentary and 16mm film with cellphone footage, Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Ravinelli captures the daily lives, challenges, dreams, and desires of four trans and queer youth in New York City.

You Don't Nomi
USA 2019 92 min.

Upon its release in 1995, Showgirls was a notorious failure. Today, however, Paul Verhoeven’s salacious look at the lives of Vegas strippers is itself getting another look from critics. Jeffrey McHale’s thoroughly delightful documentary examines its journey from flop to alt-classic.

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