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Highlighting cinema from Central and South America as well as Mexico, Spain, and Portugal, CineLatinx celebrates the diversity of storytelling within the Latin community.

Amazonia Groove
Brazil 2018 85 min.

Just as the Amazon River flows through Brazil, so do the heritage and folklore of its musicians and composers flow through their rhythms and lyrics. This breathtaking documentary synthesizes the myriad musical styles of the region—each telling a story of the land and its people.

Brazil 2019 131 min.

Strange things are afoot in Bacurau: The remote Brazilian village has suddenly begun disappearing from satellite maps just as it’s coming under siege from a mysterious group of foreigners in this Cannes Jury Prize–winning thriller that combines surrealism with social commentary.

By the Name of Tania
Belgium 2019 85 min.

Documentary and narrative fiction merge in this spellbinding experimental tale of a young woman who travels up the Amazon from her small village to the gold-mining towns of northern Peru in search of a better life, only to get caught in the trap of violence and degradation set by poverty.

Divine Love
Brazil 2019 101 min.

In a futuristic Brazil, Joana is a deeply religious woman who uses her bureaucratic position to prevent divorces. But while doing what she considers to be God’s work, she finds herself unable to conceive a child in her own marriage—and is soon plunged into a crisis of faith in this stylish drama.

The Fever
Brazil 2019 98 min.

Against a backdrop of destruction in the Amazon rainforest, this eloquent Brazilian drama centers on indigenous widower Justino, who long ago left his home with the Desana tribe to make a living in the city. Now it’s his daughter’s turn to leave for school—just as he’s contracted a mysterious fever.

The Gasoline Thieves
Mexico 2019 93 min.

An innocent crush propels teenager Lalo’s descent into the Mexican underworld, where the illegal enterprise of gasoline extraction promises access to fast cash. Instead it leads to a fight for his life in this gritty debut drama from filmmaker-to-watch Edgar Nito.

Globo TV's: Aruanas
Brazil 2019 102 min.

Three idealistic women set up Aruana, an NGO that investigates the activities of a mining company operating in the Amazon rainforest, a place of harsh reality where strange events occur. They have come up with a plethora of evidence revealing environmental crimes. While they unravel a dangerous web

The Infiltrators
USA 2019 95 min.

In this experimental documentary, a group of undocumented young people purposely get detained by ICE in order to infiltrate a for-profit detention center where people are held for years without due process. Their goal: to reunite detainees with their families by gaming the system from within.

The Invisible Life
Brazil 2019 139 min.

Based on Martha Batalha’s darkly comic novel, this splashy Brazilian period drama set in 1940s Rio de Janeiro traces the lives of two sisters separated by a cruel father. Ever orbiting one another without connecting, they yearn for what might have been while forging their own paths.

Brazil 2019 155 min.

When Brazil’s elected Communist government was overthrown in 1964, the ensuing military dictatorship lasted for more than 20 years. This epic biopic about leftist revolutionary Carlos Marighella and his struggle against the junta has already proven deeply controversial in his homeland.

Midnight Family
Mexico 2019 90 min.

This harrowing documentary follows the Ochoa family as they run a private ambulance service in Mexico City. In a sprawling metropolis that’s home to 9 million people but fewer than 50 public ambulances, they compete with other for-profit EMTs for patients while struggling with their own ills.

Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy
USA 2019 82 min.

How does a feisty British woman become “a prophet for Mexican food?” Intensive research, thousands of travel miles, and a passion for down-to-earth regional cuisine earned 94-year-old Diana Kennedy the title. The author of eight cookbooks is profiled in this mouthwatering documentary.

Sick, Sick, Sick
Brazil 2019 100 min.

In this eerie, visually mesmerizing perversion of a teen romance from Brazil, young Silvia is in mourning—a mourning so intense it makes her literally lovesick. As her condition worsens, she begins to conjure up ways to resurrect the object of her obsession. She may have more power than she knows.

Song Without a Name
Peru 2018 97 min.

Georgina is a poor Quecha woman living on the outskirts of Lima. The day she gives birth at a private clinic, her baby is snatched away from her, and Georgina must confront both the indifferent police and violent terrorists to search for her daughter in this Peruvian drama based on a true story.

Spain 2019 122 min.

A man goes to his grandparents’ cabin in an attempt to revisit his childhood. That’s the plot—but Spanish director Oskar Alegria’s subtle, impressionistic follow-up to The Search for Emak Bakia (DFF39) explores much more than the unnamed narrator’s desire to exist outside of his own time.

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