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J'adore Presented by TV5MONDE

For the past 10 years, the Denver Film Society, in cooperation with the TV5MONDE and the Alliance Franaise de Denver, has presented a monthly series called J’adore CineClub; in 2016 we began Festinema, an annual spring showcase of French films for students.

At War
France 2018 113 min.

Despite record profits on the backs of their already-struggling labor pool, the managers of Perrin Industries plan to shut down a French factory that employs 1,100. This fiery portrayal of workers on strike puts viewers in the thick of the battle between the little guy and the powers that be.

France 2017 7 min.

Laure must replace a deceased swimmer on the relay swim team.

France 2017 90 min.

In this sharp-fanged French/Belgian tragicomedy, Jacques is stripped of everything: his job, his family, his home, and his new pet. Having already paid for training sessions and at a loss for answers, he decides to attend them himself—as the dog. You can’t help but sympathize as you squirm.

Canada 2018 16 min.

In a surface mine, two boys play a seemingly innocent game with Mother Nature as the sole observer.

The Fireflies Are Gone
Canada 2018 96 min.

In this sweet coming-of-age story from Quebec, Léo defiantly refuses to think about her future—or at least to talk to the adults in her life about it. Between her prickly mother and mythic yet absent father, the only bright spot in her life is Steve—her underachieving, reclusive guitar teacher.

France 2017 24 min.

Characters wander through an erotic maze of love and desire.

Juste avant la fonte
France 2017 10 min.

A woman walks in the cold.

France 2018 106 min.

Alain is a publisher struggling to adapt to the digital era while juggling a troublesome author and a stale marriage in Olivier Assayas’s voluble French romp, powered by the friction between what people talk about and what’s actually happening to them. Guillaume Canet and Juliette Binoche star.

A Piece of Tragedy
France 2018 25 min.

Emilien is going through a rough period of mourning. Six months ago, his beloved died in an accident; now his well-ordered everyday life is being disrupted by visitations.

Sorry Angel
France 2018 132 min.

Jacques is trying to maintain his sense of humor despite the turmoil that surrounds him. Enter Arthur, a much younger man eager to escape his provincial life, who becomes smitten with him in this poignant snapshot of intergenerational cruising, courtship, and courage in 1993 Paris.

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