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Creative Conversation

Go beyond the screen with these in depth discussions, panels, spoken word performances and interactive experiences. All happening at the Festival Annex.

Blockchain 101: Presented by SingularDTV
60 min.

Blockchain: a word most of us are vaguely familiar with yet embarrassed to admit we don’t know the meaning of—much less understand how it applies to our everyday lives. Is Blockchain bitcoin? Is it a video game or new app? What does it block? Can it be used to buy and sell things?

D-Phi Conversation: Behind the Curve
60 min.

Conspiracy theories are nothing new, but they seem to play an increasingly prominent role in our social and political experience. So what makes conspiracy theorists tick? Why are conspiracy theories so popular? And what do they tell us about knowledge, belief, human nature, and society?

D-Phi Conversation: Pity
60 min.

Pity is a fascinating nihilistic comedy about an upper-class lawyer who, after enduring a family tragedy, develops a perverse dependency upon the compassion of others.

Film & TV: Behind the Lens
60 min.

Over the past few years, the lines between film and television have blurred. Join us for a discussion with industry creatives and executives on the differences between directing for film and television as well as the evolving opportunities they create for storytelling.

House of Pod
60 min.

Have you always dreamed of launching the next Filmspotting, You Must Remember This, or How Did This Get Made? This free introductory class from local podcast incubator House of Pod will teach you everything you need to know to get your idea all the way to iTunes!

Immersive Stories in the Virtual World
60 min.

Virtual reality has entered an era of unprecedented experimentation. Join the artists at the forefront of its evolution as they discuss their techniques for, philosophies of, and approaches to the interactive storytelling form.

Meow Wolf Panel
60 min.

Meow Wolf was established in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2008 as an arts-and-entertainment collective. The group's first permanent installation, House of Eternal Return, has taken the world by storm—and now Meow Wolf is expanding to Denver.

60 min.

The Music On Film–Film On Music Documentary Fund (MOFFOM) is a grant program established by the Denver Film Society with the generous support of John Caulkins. MOFFOM funds documentary filmmakers facing production expenses related to music licensing, scoring, and composition.

One Path Panel
60 min.

Fly Fisherman editor Ross Purnell and guests will take you on an adventure to chase the largest trout in the world through its native waterways of Mongolia while discussing the sport's conservation and humanitarian efforts.

Politics, Journalism and the Death of Private Life
60 min.

Jason Reitman’s The Front Runner, starring Hugh Jackman, stands as one of the highlights of this year’s festival. Reitman’s look at the fall of former presidential hopeful Gary Hart is based on journalist Matt Bai’s acclaimed book All the Truth Is Out.

Shakespearean Star Wars
60 min.

Star Wars Shakespeare returns to the Denver Film Festival with Episode V: The Empire Striketh Back. Join some of Denver’s finest Shakespearean actors as they reprise this cinematic classic as if The Bard himself had written it. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you might even be offended—seriously.

The State and Future of Local Journalism in America
60 min.

It’s a tough time for newspapers. Years of declining revenues, layoffs, and cutbacks have already demoralized newsrooms. Now elected officials are turning against the press and sowing distrust. More than ever, communities need journalists to be at the top of their game.

The State of the Special Relationship
60 min.

The long-standing relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom continues to evolve amid shifting political winds.

We Are Columbine: 20 Years Later
60 min.

“We are Columbine” became a rallying cry for students and employees of the Colorado high school that experienced one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history. The power of those three words symbolized how the community grieved together and found a way to return to a new-normal life.

What's Your Pitch?
60 min.

Directors are artists, but they’re often called upon to be salespeople too, particularly if they’re trying to fund a pet project. Moderator Robert Denerstein will lead a panel in which three directors will be given 10 minutes each to pitch a film they’d like to make.

Women+Film Panel+Luncheon
60 min.

Former costume designer Courtney Hoffman (Baby Driver, The Hateful Eight, and Captain Fantastic, among others) discusses her transition to writing and directing with Jordana Mollick, the producer of her new short, The Good Time Girls. After a screening of the film starring Laur

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