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Colorado Spotlight

All Sounds Considered
France 2018 96 min.

Made by local filmmakers Goran Vejvoda and Florence Müller, this experimental documentary explores the states of sound and silence, inviting viewers to enter the world of contemporary sonic media with an open ear.

Applied Pressure
USA 2018 6 min.

Ease the pain of past physical and mental distress.

USA 2018 6 min.

After a long night of partying, famous rapper Rubin Starr calls a Carrier to take him home, only to find out his driver has different plans for the ride.

Daydreams of Dennis Baker
USA 2018 8 min.

A sheriff recounts a case that tests his constitution.

The Elephant in the Room
USA 2018 10 min.

A disappointed father struggles to accept his son.

Everything Changes
USA 2018 6 min.

Including more than 33,000 individual drawings of ink on paper, Everything Changes is an ever-changing doodle that meanders through 15 years of form and content.

Go Debbie
USA 2018 9 min.

When Vietnam veteran Debbie began her transition, she lost her job, her home, and her life’s savings. Undaunted, she pursued her dream and is now living happily as a pink-haired activist.

Help Wanted
USA 2018 16 min.

An older gentleman who should be retiring is compelled to reenter the workforce. How much will he have to sacrifice to live out his remaining golden years?

Jim's Camelot
USA 2018 18 min.

Jim Bishop has dedicated his life to building a castle all by himself in the mountains of Colorado. Known for his tendency to speak his mind as well as his inspiring work ethic, Jim—and his castle—attract thousands of visitors every year.

The Last Honey Hunter
USA 2017 35 min.

In the mist-shrouded mountains of Nepal's Hongu River valley, the Kulung people carve their lives out of the land while practicing an ancient form of animism.

USA 2018 9 min.

A glimpse into the unique world of Tom Hicks, a veteran ski patrolman and luthier whose life is as unconventional as his craft.

Manos De Una Mujer
USA 2018 11 min.

Manos De Una Mujer follows the struggles of a dauntless Hispanic single mother and their effect on her daughter.

Relative Duplicity
USA 2018 4 min.

A fast-flying tale of greed, gold, and family that takes place in the small mountain town of Cripple Creek, Colorado.

The Rescue List
Ghana 2018 81 min.

This engrossing exposé of child slavery hinges on a team of social workers in Ghana, whose efforts to rescue and rehabilitate young boys caught (sometimes literally) in the net of the Lake Volta fishing industry unfold as a disquisition on bravery, resilience, and the meaning of family.

USA 2018 23 min.

An old robot has seen better days as better automation has taken his job opportunities. While the world seems to constantly reject him, he tries to find a place in society.

Strawberry Milk
USA 2018 6 min.

Strawberry Milk covers the complexity of gender stereotypes puzzling the relationship between a single father and a young girl understanding her first period.

USA 2018 11 min.

An intergenerational collaboration across—and against—linear time dedicated to the director’s father, Winston "F.W." Laszlo.

Ute Mountain Tribal Park: Meditations, Blessings and Prayers
USA 2018 9 min.

The Ute Mountain Tribal Park consists of 125,000 acres of majestic canyon country and desert landscapes dotted with cliff dwellings, artifacts, and pictographs. A new generation of Utes must find a balance between the challenges of a rapidly changing world and the preservation of cultural identity.

We Are Columbine
USA 2018 78 min.

After 20 years, the story of the Columbine High School massacre is as timely as ever—and for some of the former students who lived it, the pain as fresh. Directed by one of those alumni, this documentary sensitively examines their search for closure as well as the related issues today’s teens face.

The Weight of Water
USA 2018 79 min.

Erik Weihenmayer is blind. That hasn’t stopped him from climbing Mount Everest. And it’s not going to stop him from kayaking through the whitewater rapids of the Colorado River either. This sensitive documentary explores what it truly means to look fear square in the eye.

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