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Maysles Brothers Award for Best Documentary

32 Pills: My Sister's Suicide
USA 2017 89 min.

She's beautiful, artistic, beloved—and she can't stand to be alive. Documentary filmmaker Hope Litoff seeks to piece together the life and death of her sister Ruth; in the process, she gives a devastating account of the toll her investigation takes on her own mental health.

USA 2017 90 min.

The ancient Chinese game called Go is said to have more board configurations than there are atoms in the universe—making it an epic battleground for human versus artificial intelligence. This fascinating documentary invites you to a challenge match between a famed Go master and a computer program.

Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?
USA 2017 90 min.

In this brave documentary, filmmaker Travis Wilkerson returns to his Alabama home to turn the camera on his own family's darkest secrets. Decades ago, his great-grandfather killed an African-American man but was never charged, due not least to a culture of racism that persists today.

Faces Places
France 2017 90 min.

At 89, French New Wave auteur Agnès Varda teamed up with acclaimed 33-year-old photographer JR to co-direct this enchanting documentary-meets-road movie. Traveling around France in JR’s truck to capture the locals they meet along the way, they reveal the humanity in their subjects—and themselves.

No Man's Land
USA 2017 81 min.

Filmmaker David Byars had remarkable access to the protesters occupying Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge during their 2016 armed standoff with the feds in 2016. This gripping documentary views the insurrection from the inside as it examines what draws Americans to the edge of revolution.

Strad Style
USA 2016 104 min.

Meet Danny Houck—a down-on-his-luck, Stradivarius-obsessed recluse in rural Ohio who has somehow convinced a famous concert violinist that he can make a copy of one of the world's rarest, most valuable violins. A hilariously poignant and suspenseful documentary about the true meaning of chutzpah.

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