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The Denver Film Festival has long been providing a platform for contemporary Polish cinema, screening films from both veteran and emerging filmmakers that garner awards at festivals around the world but rarely make their way into US theaters.

Poland 2017 108 min.

In this graphic Polish crime thriller based on real-life events, writer Krystian Bala publishes a grisly novel that appears to contain details about an unsolved murder. Is he a psychopath, a mere celebrity hound or both? The detective with whom he's playing cat and mouse aims to find out.

Be Prepared
Poland 2017 85 min.

Scouts and hooligans conspire and clash at summer camp in this psychological thriller, in which Polish director Robert Glinski combines the aesthetics of home video and smartphone technology to probe the secret lives of young men as they learn how to contend with authority figures and enemies alike.

Diary in a Marble
Poland 1993 110 min.

Two brothers in wartime Silesia are pushed in different directions: one into the Polish army, the other into the Nazi party—and, eventually, the arms of his sister-in-law. This tragicomic family saga from tribute guest Jan Kidawa-Blonski doubles an allegory of contemporary Polish history.

The Happiness of the World
Poland 2016 98 min.

This period drama is set in 1939 in a village on the German-Polish border, where the residents of a tenement endure the specter of war. When a journalist on assignment embeds himself in their building, their secrets begin to surface, intertwined with a mysterious Jewish beauty named Róza.

I'm a Killer
Poland 2016 117 min.

Based on real-life events in 1970s Poland, this absorbing psychological drama follows Janusz, a politically vulnerable detective who fears he has arrested the wrong man for the deadly crimes of the "Vampire of Zaglebie.” As the career pressures build, will he have the courage to do the right thing?

Little Rose
Poland 2010 118 min.

In 1960s Poland, against a backdrop of anti-Semitism, a beautiful young woman is recruited by her lover, a secret service agent, to woo a famous writer in order to expose his Jewish identity. But the more this reluctant informant learns about her mark, the more the plan spins out of control.

Lullaby Killer
Poland 2017 96 min.

Based on real-life events in the 1950s, this Polish murder mystery plays out as a game of cat and mouse between a serial killer and a young cop, whose investigation leads him into a world of political corruption—where he comes to discover that he’s more like his target than he cares to admit.

Poland 2017 120 min.

Bubi, aka Jan Banas, was a soccer legend in his adopted Poland in the 1960s and 1970s. This thrilling biopic by Polish filmmaker and DFF tribute guest Jan Kidawa-Blonski is at once a love story, a cautionary tale of friendship and an epic fable of triumph and defeat.

Three Colors: Blue
France 1993 98 min.

Julie's world is destroyed when her family is killed in a car crash. In her anguish and guilt, she leaves her old life behind to inhabit a kind of living death. But she finds she cannot so easily withdraw from the world in Polish auteur Krzysztof Kieslowski's 1993 classic starring Juliette Binoche.

Wild Roses
Poland 2017 90 min.

While her husband is working abroad, Ewa secretly gives birth to a baby she then puts up for adoption in this unsparing drama about a woman trapped by circumstances and her own web of deceit, by which director Anna Jadowska explores the expectations placed on women in Polish society today.

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