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Go beyond the screen with these in depth discussions, panels, spoken word performances and interactive experiences.

Bucking Long Odds
60 min.

Filmmakers Aaron and Amanda Kopp join Robert Denerstein to discuss how their magical, moving African fable-within-a-documentary Liyana originated and what challenges they faced in producing it. This is a rare opportunity to trace the evolution of a film from beginning to completion.

The Changing World of Film Festivals
60 min.

Film festivals have weathered sea changes in the world of cinema over the decades. The Denver Film Festival's 40th anniversary provides an excellent opportunity for a panel, led by moderator Robert Denerstein, about their future in the face of radical technological and cultural challenges.

D-phi Conversation #1
60 min.

Come join the Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry's panel of philosophers for a provocative discussion of the relationship between love, lust and solitude in Hong Sang-soo's hauntingly beautiful film On the Beach at Night Alone.

D-phi Conversation #2
60 min.

Come join the Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry's panel of philosophers and experts for a thought-provoking discussion of the nature of intelligence, mind and emotion in Greg Kohs' gripping documentary AlphaGo.

The Future of Content
60 min.

Over the past decade, the meanings and modes of “content” have changed dramatically. This panel will explore its creation, context and future in the forms of virtual and augmented reality, video, audio, television, film and more.

Hidden Frequencies
60 min.

Filmmaker Monteith McCollum returns to Denver with a live performance work that playfully explores abstract and musical sounds through the use of early recording and communication technologies.

Hollywood Weapons Panel
60 min.

When it comes to onscreen weaponry, what is real and what is fantasy? Join US Special Forces veteran Terry Schappert and armorer Larry Zanoff—hosts of the all-new Outdoor Channel series Hollywood Weapons—as they analyze some of the most explosive action in TV and movie history.

Is Rotten Tomatoes Putting Hollywood in the Red?
60 min.

Studio executives have publicly blamed review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes for this summer's poor ticket sales. Our panel will consider the Rotten Tomatoes phenomenon—exploring how it may be impacting film criticism itself while examining other factors that can put a damper on box-office revenues.

Making a Million-Dollar Indie Presented by Capital One
60 min.

This panel aims to answer one of the most-asked questions by aspiring filmmakers: "How do I get my movie financed?" We will consider how to raise the funds you need to make an independent film, how to structure your deals and how to best use the money once you secure it.

60 min.

With the generous support of John Caulkins, the Denver Film Society's Music On Film–Film On Music Documentary Fund (MOFFOM) helps documentary filmmakers defray music-related production expenses. This panel discussion will explore how to make the most of music in a documentary film.

The Narrators at DFF
60 min.

Hosted by Ron S. Doyle and Erin Rollman, this show brings together a diverse array of artists, comedians, actors and other fascinating folks to share true stories from their everyday lives. For DFF40, a special lineup of performers has been assembled to focus on the theme "Making a Scene."

Persistence of Medium: A New Century for Photochemical Arts
60 min.

Despite the shift in cinema toward digital technologies, opportunities remain for moving-image artists to reinvent the ways we think about analog film. Join local nonprofit Process Reversal for a discussion of its enduring popularity, accessibility and importance as a creative and archival medium.

Politics and Freedom of Expression
60 min.

Tribute guest Jan Kidawa-Blonski joins festival moderator Robert Denerstein for a discussion about how Poland's right-wing Law and Justice Party, which came to power in 2015, has changed the working environment for Polish filmmakers like himself.

SeriesFest's Featuring Women Initiative Live Read
60 min.

In 2017, SeriesFest partnered with Rose McGowan and Damage Inc. Productions to discover new episodic series about, for and featuring women. Among hundreds of submissions, Cottonwood, written by Colorado native Sarah Sellman, was selected as the Featuring Women Initiative winner.

Shakespearean Star Wars
60 min.

The Denver Film Festival isn't the only important cinematic franchise turning 40 this year. In a nod to movie history, we present Shakespearean Star Wars, a live performance of the original film as only the bard himself could have imagined it.

The Syria Refugee Crisis in Year 7: Why It Matters for the World
60 min.

The Syrian refugee crisis is widely viewed as the worst such crisis since World War II. Nader Hashemi, director of the Center for Middle East Studies at DU’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies, will give a lecture on its roots and its global significance.

Women+Film Panel
60 min.

In 1999, Colorado mother Jessica Gonzales's three young daughters were killed after their father violated a restraining order. Join her, filmmakers Katya Maguire and April Hayes, and Ruth Glenn of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence for a panel on domestic violence in the 21st century.

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