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Thursday, November 3, 2016

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Brik on York

McNichols Building

Sie FilmCenter DFF

Sie FilmCenter DFF

Sie FilmCenter DFF

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Ma (2016)


Donald Cried


Lily Lane




Off the Rails


The Last Family




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Sie FilmCenter DFF 2:00 PM

Shot in Jackson, Mississippi, this gripping documentary delves into the conflict between religious freedom and reproductive rights in the Deep South. As the last-standing abortion clinic in the state is threatened with closure, leaders of the pro-life and pro-choice movements come to a head....

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Sie FilmCenter DFF 2:15 PM

Two Screenings Only! Friday & Saturday, February 17th at 18th at 7pm...

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Sie FilmCenter DFF 3:45 PM

Over the course of a day, Eyal ditches work, steals cannabis from a hospice and otherwise seeks solace while his wife Vicky struggles to return to normal in this poignant comedy about a grieving couple emerging from the Jewish period of mourning for their deceased son....

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McNichols Building 4:00 PM

On what seems a daily basis, new outlets for cinema are proliferating. Sure, the multiplex is still king, but the four walls of traditional theaters continue to be assaulted by all manner of innovation....

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Sie FilmCenter DFF 4:15 PM

Darius McCollum has spent 23 years in maximum-security prison for hijacking hundreds of trains and buses—all to feed his obsession with driving them. This fascinating documentary places the story of McCollum, who has Asperger’s, within the framework of our broken justice system....

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Sie FilmCenter DFF 4:30 PM

MUST END Thursday, September 28th!...

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Sie FilmCenter DFF 6:15 PM

The myriad threads of our musical tapestry—from a Hopi snake dance to a Tejana tango to a Cajun anthem—are displayed in part two of a documentary series on the American songbook produced by T Bone Burnett, Robert Redford and Jack White....

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Sie FilmCenter DFF 6:30 PM

Exquisitely shot in two Soviet bloc–style apartment buildings and shot through with flashes of wicked humor, this unsettling biopic explores the art of Polish surrealist Zdzislaw Beksinski as well as his relationship with his anxiety-ridden son. The script was based on the painter’s own recordings....

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Sie FilmCenter DFF 7:00 PM

ENDS THURSDAY 3/23/2017....

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Brik on York 8:00 PM

The Americans will perform post screening of American Epic: Out of the Many One at Brik on York the evening of November 3rd! Concert and Screening tickets are available for the November 3rd screening Buy Tickets

Sie FilmCenter DFF 9:00 PM

Oscar-nominated actor Demian Bichir's directorial debut centers on Refugio, a young man born in the circus, who journeys from Mexico to New Orleans in search of his lost love. Bichir also stars, along with Jason Patric and Eva Longoria....

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Sie FilmCenter DFF 9:15 PM

Featuring creepy, often stunning camerawork and startling sound effects, this unsettling Hungarian drama meanders—much like a fairy tale—through a darkling world, as unstable, childlike Rebeka takes her young son Dani on journeys around Budapest telling stories....

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Sie FilmCenter DFF 9:30 PM

ENDS THURSDAY 4/6/2017....

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