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The Red Turtle

Michael Dudok de Wit

Special Presentations

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  • Wednesday 3/29
  • 2:10 PM Sie FilmCenter Buy Tickets
    • Thursday 3/30
  • 2:10 PM Sie FilmCenter Buy Tickets
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    ENDS THURSDAY 3/30/2017.
    Oscar Nominee: Best Animated Feature.

    Working in collaboration with Japan’s famed Studio Ghibli, Oscar-winning shorts animator Michael Dudok de Wit has created a magical and multilayered fable about a castaway determined to escape a deserted tropical island. The only thing stopping him from sailing away on his raft? A red turtle. Dialogue-free but beautifully scored, this debut feature recounts the milestones in the life of a human being in mesmerizing fashion.

    Producer: Pascal Caucheteux, Vincent Maraval, Grégoire Sorlat, Toshio Suzuki | Editor: Céline Kélépikis
    Additional Countries: France, Belgium